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Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP! #11
I don't think anyone's intending to treat you like a child. However it is important that you understand that by continuing to keep them in current conditions they will not live a happy and healthy life. You are trying, I can see that, so please don't think that anyone feels otherwise. But unfortunately if a larger tank isn't feasible then you cannot hope to provide suitable conditions for your fish to live a happy, healthy life, and that point needed to be made. Just because the fish are alive and the tank is clean shouldn't be taken as a sign that all is OK. Many fishkeepers have started out in much the same way as you, so you're not alone. I started out with a smallish tropical tank which, on joining this forum, I discovered had approximately four times too many fish in it. Up to that point I had believed I was doing everything right and initially found it very hard to accept that I had gone so badly wrong and caused so much suffering to the fish. You're not the first to make these mistakes and you certainly won't be the last.
However angry you may be PLEASE DON'T consider just flushing them down the toilet! If you are unable to care for them and provide proper conditions, then the best thing you can do is find a suitable home for them, and perhaps start again with something more suitable to your situation.
I know it wasn't my post specifically that you were annoyed about, but I would like to apologise on behalf of everyone for any offence caused. We're here to help but it can sometimes be very frustrating to see someone appearing to ignore important advice, although I'm sure this wasn't your intention. Please don't feel that anyone is being unsympathetic or looking down on you as a novice.
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Re: Novice with cloudy water HELP! #12
In fairness it was probably my post they were getting annoyed about.

I agree, we were all novices once (and I still consider myself to be one) and keeping fish is a constant learning experience but it does irk me when people come onto forums asking for help & advice only to then challenge the facts being given to them and then state they will ignore most of the advice. I have provided help & advice to many others in the past and all of those individuals happily took my advice on board and took the necessary steps to improve the lives of the fish they were looking after, it?s a shame ?Lusky? hasn?t done the same.

I accept my tone may have been quite direct & forthright but I will not apologise for challenging people who do not appear to be taking advice on board, especially from people who are here to help.

Also, making idiotic statements about flushing fish down the toilet will hardly endear yourselves to the fishkeeping fraternity on here.