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juwel lido flow #1
Hi I have recently upgraded my aquanano 40 nano marine tank to a juwel lido 120. Everything went smoothly simply transfered everything over from the old tank to the new including all the live rock and water and topped up with new salt water. I plan to gradually increase the live rock in time (only have 6-7 kg at the moment) and would like to try corals in the future.

Now my old nano had a fluval sea cp1 pump which is running in the new tank along with the Juwel power head which is 600 lph. I have ordered an all pondsolutions wavermaker rated at 3000 lph but am now wondering if this will be too much current.

Stock at the moment is 2 clownfish, 1 yellow tail blue damsel, 2 green chromis, 1 chalk bass, and 1 cleaner shrimp.

Would this new wavemaker be OK and what would be the best position in the tank for it. Thanks in advance.