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Re: Sexing goldfish etc #31
In which case I'm guessing my goldfish is a male, as he's fast turning into more of a koi carp than a goldfish!! He's growing at a rate of knots and is due to be transferred into my new fishtank, which is my job for next weekend!!

But this does lead into my proper question, I've got 2 loaches, and the smaller one of them has been hiding on top of my filter for well over a week, but only just this evening, they've started chasing each other around my tank, both of them fluttering their tails at each other ... is this flirting or fighting or finally calling a truce between them?!?!

(By the way, my goldfish is taking no notice of them whatsoever!! Lol!! )

Thanks lots for any help or advice,
L x

P.s. If one of them is female then I'm gonna have to change their names from Castor & Pollux to summat more appropriate!! Lol!! )
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Re: Sexing goldfish etc #32
I find that females have an unusual "shute" jutting out ever so slightly from their vent whilst the males dips in; hope this helps anyone whose fishes tubicles aren't easy to see.

My twin tailed veiltail and a single tail common bred together and I kept the eggs; about 50% were twin tailed and the other 50% single if this help they all had long fins though :)

I'll try to upload a pic to explain what I mean:

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Re: Sexing goldfish etc #33
Yes the vent is raised on the female fish. It's easier to see on a single tailed fish; the moment I met my white comet I could see she was female within seconds. The fantail is a male.

My fish in tank C spawning and laying eggs. It's amazing to see them released from the female. The first time I saw it was last year in my female Ry.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzeaMF ... =UUI2Z8GKTwQts1fmdkrqJg_w