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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #31
my housemates laugh at me when i tell them that my goldfish recognise me, ive had them for 3 years. when i walk into the room or wake up and see them they come to the front of the tank to see whats going on but if its someone else they dont bother. do any of you find this?
i'm a biology student here in york and was thinking about doing something about this behaviour for my dissertation, either that or something using my rats.
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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #32
I always say good morning and good night to my goldies. I also talk to them while I clean them out, or walk by and when I am in the kitchen (thats where thier tank is) they respond everytime. They think they are going to be fed everytime I go to the freezer (thats where thier food is kept)and I have taught them NOT to be afraid of the net (they were petrified when I first got them). I can now scoup out debree etc without them panicking and on the very very rare occasion I need to 'net' em I don't spend ages trying to catch the little mites and they don't get stressed. So if they only had a 3 second memory they would not know all this.

I love my goldies as much as I love my dog and they get spoilt:) treated and looked after, whatever needs they have.
The proud owner of a 350 litre tank as a home for my 6 fancy goldies.... Dumbledore, Dylan, Noggin, Ben, Bubo and little Nanny (name change when her personality comes out).
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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #33
as a keen carp angler i all ways care for the fish i catch which includes barbless hook for quick un hookin and less than a min before there back in the water and swimming away and most of the pools i go to are well run the balifs look after the stocks well which will included checking my set up (which i dont mind) and checking the conditions of fish and if one has been hooked wrong from an inexperanced angler i will treat it before putting back and most anglers will work hard to keep fish heathy and work with balifs to make sure that no harm is done and to look after the pools them self to keep them clean and free from any dangers
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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #34
Wow, this thread is 'old', lol - a year ago thomas

Welcome to FK though, saw your posts over the last few days. Fancy divulging your tanks to FK? Most folk here post if they can add some help/info

We love pics though!
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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #35
Came across this recently, PFK's Nathan Hill has an article about fish intelligence in an online magazine:

http://moonmagazine.org/nathan-hill-n ... less-goldfish-2013-06-13/
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Re: Sunday Times- Goldfish have feelings too #36
Great stuff!