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online fish store #1
Anyone know of any good online fish stores? Any that is good for planted aquarium. I cant seem to find any one that has good planted supplies
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Re: online fish store #2
Depends what you're looking for but there are loads of site around for plants

I've used www.thegreenmachineonline.com who are aquascaping specialists, but can be a bit pricey but i've never had anything but top quality plants and customer service from them.
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Re: online fish store #3
I have ordered all my plants from plants alive I have read a few bad reviews of them but all my experience's with them have been brilliant if you have a look in the members lounge forum you will find a link to the site
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Re: online fish store #4
Aquaessentials can similarly be pricey but has some good things.

I have had lovely Tropica plants from Seapets - expensive, but very reliable