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Can anyone help please? One of my aquarium goldfish each morning is found in a 'u' shape at the top of the tank. After feeding the fish with daphnia and peas, it eventually swims normally, but then returns to a 'u' shape overnight. Has anyone any idea why this is happening? Could it be swim bladder disease or something else?

The aquarium is 20gallons capacity and I have two seven inch goldfish and one small fantail. I am hoping to transfer the two large goldfish to my pond in the Spring.
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Unfortunately this sounds like a water quality issue and possible stunting as the tank is very overstocked and the goldfish are much too big for the space they have.

Do you have a test kit? If so please test now and post results for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH and also your water hardness.

Would you also let us know what filtration you have, how long the tank has been set up, how often you do a partial water change and how much each time?