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Pond leaking where is the best place to move fish to? #1
Hi, we have a small pond with four fish in, the pond has been leaking fairly fast, drops to about half it's depth in two weeks. We have been trying to find the leak and have had no luck.

I'm worried about the fish as the pond is beginning to freeze. Where would be the best place to move them to for the winter as I can not see us getting the pond fixed till the weather warms up. The bath in our house is not used as we have a separate shower I thought about moving them in there as it is quite a big bath. The other option I thought about would be to move them to my partners mum's pond which is about 6 miles away.

The fish are about 4 to 6 inches big and are goldfish and shubunkins. The pond outside is kidney shaped and at it's biggest is only 2m x 1m and 0.5m deep.

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Re: Pond leaking where is the best place to move fish to? #2
I would move them to partner's Mum's pond. The pond you have, even when the leak is fixed isn't really big enough for them (too shallow) so they'd be best moved permanently, or until you can have a larger pond made if you want to.