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Cherry shrimp #1
Can cherry shrimp be added to a community tank and if so what fish can they live happily alongside? Smaller ones I'm guessing but is there any larger ones also?
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Re: Cherry shrimp #2
Basically any fish that can fit them in their mouths will treat them as lunch. Some are more likely to do so than others. My weather loaches for example don't seem to have noticed that they're potentially food, but I wouldn't mix them with all but the smallest cichlids. Even fish not big enough to swallow them can pick at their legs and pester them to death.

How large is the tank you currently have, and what stock have you got?

ETA: Looking at the stock you have on your profile you'll probably be OK, but I'd be a little concerned about the rainbows. I've not kept them myself so I can't say if they're shrimp-safe.
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Re: Cherry shrimp #3
I have Cherry Shrimp with WCMMs and in my Tropical tank with Neon Tetra, Harlequins and Khuli Loaches. I expect the tiny ones get eaten but the bigguns are ok.

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Re: Cherry shrimp #4
I have cherry shrimp and amano shrimp with my betta, although he does stalk them occasionally, they seem to easily jump out of the way if he gets too near. There are plenty of places for them to hide and the cherry shrimp seem to be mainly nocturnal anyway.