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does angle fish eggs in danger??? #1
hi, my angle have eggs yesterday anmd i saw some whitr tiny insects in my tang moving on sides i cant use any medicisn at this stage does they eat eggs or fry(if they hatch)secondly here in pakistan weather is changing due to rain and me feeling today is colder than yesterday and thinking to apply heater as its temperate is 27c at this time... what temperature should be kept for eggs? can i use rain whater in aquarium as my tap water is basic in nature? plz help me
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Re: does angle fish eggs in danger??? #2
Google 'seedshrimp', they are little copepods who eat algae and are entirely harmless. They move in little jumps along the tank wall. I'm guessing thats what you are seeing.

Some people do use rainwater for their tanks but you don't know what kind of pollutants etc may be in it. Depending on what kind of angelfish and what ph/hardness you have it may be better to keep them in tapwater. Again it difficult to give you a temperature range without knowing what fish you have but they should be kept quite warm, about 25-29*C