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A little advice please.... #1
I have been bitten by the I need a bigger tank bug....
But have a question that i will need answering even before i start to plan the next tank.

This maybe a bit long winded and i do apologise....

My 260litre tank i have now is in my kitchen, i would like to upgrade to maybe a 400 litre tank but have been thinking that room is a little tight so came up with this solution...
If i buy a sideboard or base of a welsh dresser type thing I could put the (bigger) tank on that and have my plates, glasses etc underneath. My question is will something like a side board/dresser take the weight of the bigger tank? If not what could i do to maybe strenthen it? Or is there another solution out there? I have looked at some tank with matching bases but the cupboard are not big enough for all the stuff.
As the next tank would be the biggest i can get i want to get it right 1st time.

Hope someone can help....

Dawnn x
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Re: A little advice please.... #2
It very much depends. The water in a 400L tank will weight 400kg or 880lbs. When you add the glass, gravel, lighting etc you are looking at over half a ton of weight. Whatever it is on it will need to be very sturdy - not just for the fish and cost sake but also because if it falls it could easily kill anyone caught in its path!

I built a unit out of three 400mm kitchen units, and 2" square posts for a 450L tank, however it was wedges and bolted between two concrete walls so had nowhere to go.

You can custom built cabinets or get them made for you from specialists at not absurd prices - probably worth considering.