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Cleaning Tools #1
So I just cleaned my tank and I was wondering how you clean your tools such as algae scrapers, tweezers, glass cleaners etc when you are done with them and how often.

I have been using a very weak bleach solution but I am not sure if this is the a good method so any advice would be welcome.
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Re: Cleaning Tools #2
Under the tap with a nailbrush or scourer if required then left on a sunny windowsill to dry. No idea if this is an approved method...
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Re: Cleaning Tools #3
Are you using the same tools on more than one tank or just one tank? If you are using them for more than one tank then you need to clean and sterilise them a lot more often (weak bleach should be OK for this but rinse rinse rinse!!). If it's just for the same tank then you can be a bit lazier