More Convict Problems #1
I'm having problems with my convicts getting increasingly shy to the point where I barely ever see them, and then it's only a blur as they zip about the tank.
Water readings are Nitrite 0ppm, Ammonia 0ppm, Nitrate 5-10ppm.
pH is 7.8 despite the bogwood as my water is very very hard.

They've been especially bad since I had an ammonia spike of 0.5ppm last week and had to do a big gravel clean and water change, but have been getting worse since the young became independant. I think there are still at least 5 young around somewhere, but most of them hide as well.

After the water change I re-arranged the tank to give them more hiding space, but all they do now is pile gravel up against the glass at the front so that I can't see them at all, I've even taken the lamp off the tank to see if it helps but they haven't changed.

Is this just normal behaviour when they don't have a brood and aren't interested in making more? I know the tank is cramped but they don't even have their little scuffles anymore, that I know of, so it doesn't seem as if it's tension but I am willing to take the male out if it could help.

Any ideas?
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Re: More Convict Problems #2
sounds normal and try not to move the tank around this will make them more insecure