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Advice on pregnant guppies please #1
Ok, I am cycling my 30l tank ready for the fry. It is nearly ready - ammonia 0.25, pH 6.8, nitrate & nitrite both 0. I bought one of those floating hatchery things. My question is, how do I know when the female guppies are about to 'pop', and how long can I leave them in the hatchery? I was told they will be fine in there for days but they can't swim around much, I don't think it's fair to leave them in there. Someone said they are close to popping when you can see the babies' eyes (?!!)


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Re: Advice on pregnant guppies please #2
Has she squared off yet? The babies drop down, much like human babies do, to be birthed. It makes the female appear boxy or square.

But yes, you will be able to see the eyes/Bodies of the little fry. Which I find rather creepy...

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Re: Advice on pregnant guppies please #3
Hi Sue

The nitrate reading looks a little odd. Have you been cycling the tank with food or ammonia? Given you are still seeing traces of ammonia I'd expect to see some nitrate in a cycling/amost cycled tank. Might be worthwhile to run the nitrate test again just to be sure before you add the babies. The guppies also need quite hard water so a teeny bit of crushed coral shell to raise the pH from 6.8 to about 7.5 would be good too. As you have no fish in there yet now is the ideal time

Babies - how exciting
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