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Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #1
Firstly my name is Rich (if you didn?t get that from my username ) and I am very sorry for the length of this email!! I am a fire fighter from Cambridgeshire and my fianc? and I are looking to get out first marine set-up. Although this will be our first aquarium, I have spent the last ten years looking after reptiles (bearded dragons), so when it comes to research and looking after the fish I have the time and patience to make sure I do it correctly. The Fianc? and I also have plenty of spare time between us, which will allow us to spend time in making sure the regular checks are met. I was going to post this in the member?s section, but as there are a few marine related questions, I thought it better to post here.

We have spent the last week or so collecting research, such as compatibilities of different marine fish, ensuring I prep' the tank correctly including starting the cycle off by adding ammonia or fish food and measuring the ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels, and so on.

So here's the plan....

Firstly, in short, what would be the items needed for a FOWRL marine set-up? Obviously we have researched and found out that with a certain amount of LR, our aquarium may not require any sort of filter, and that the size of the tank would require two heaters and good circulation. But a list of items would be a great help!

Secondly, we have room and money for a 200-litre tank and we have been looking at the Fluval Roma 200 as a rough idea of size (40"x18"x18"). After noticing that some of the items supplied with the tank might not be needed for our set-up (FOWRL) we would like to know if anyone could recommend a good place to purchase a tank of that size?

Thirdly, due to wanting to get the cycles right and ensure the fish wont die or become ill, we plan to run the tank without fish in for at least a month. After reading the 'new tank syndrome' thread, I don?t really have any questions, but any words of warning would be great.

Obviously after looking around we have noticed that this can be an expensive hobby, so any pointers to shops, be it online or mail order that could keep costs down would be fantastic, but money is not really a problem.

Regards and many thanks.

Rich and Lou.
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Re: Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #2
Hi Rich welcome to FK,

I keep goldies myself so have no marine advise for you, there will be others on later who will be able to give you advise though.
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Re: Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #3
Hi, i'll try and give you a steer in the right direction. I can give you a load of useful links but not sure i can post them on here... so if you want them then pm me.

Ok, in order...

yes, Live rock is the best way to maintain a marine tank, but you will need to have a filter for the chemical media.. like phosphate remover and purigen... lots of people also put some live rock rubble in their filters...

For a FOWLR you'll need 20kg of LR (for a 200L tank) coral sand (it doenst need to be live, thats just a waste of time) 2 x heaters is a good plan, 2 x powerheads unless you are using an internal filter, and external filter (preferable to an internal) ... a refractometer, a box of salt, RO water preferably.. although you can use tap you'll have alot more problems with algae if you do...

lights... basically irrelevant in a FOWLR.. but worth considering marine tubes are everything looks better...

ummm.... a skimmer... especially if you are planning on predator type fish...

I cant help you on where to buy the tank, as i wouldnt buy a new trop tank for a marine tank... i'd buy a second hand tank and make it a marine... or i'd get a marine tank made to my spec...

Great news about the fishless cycling, but it may be a little longer than 4 weeks before you can add fish...

again, pm me for links about this sort of thing. Its not hard, but you have to get the steps in the right order thats all.
'I wish you my dear reefers clear water, fast coral growth and great pleasure in this wonderful hobby.'
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Re: Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #4
Thanks for the welcome guys.

t1gerbee - pm coming your way

As for the tank, I thought about second hand, but there's always a fear its had copper in it. I noticed that anything copper related is a big no no in a marine tank and I dont want to run the risk of getting a tank that could ruin the little fish.

As for the fishless cycle, I only said about four weeks as a rough guide. Basically, I ca wait as long as it takes until it's all settled in there and the whole place is ready to drop fish in.
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Re: Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #5
Copper is only an issue for inverts and corals.
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Re: Looking to set-up our first marine tank. #6
hi rich
Set our tank back in feb,runnin a juwel vision 260.Fluval`s a good tank in my opinion.I would go for a big a tank as you can a guide line my tank cost around ?600 but have now spent around ?2500 on equipment and live stock.Touch wood no probs as yet,if you commit yourself to marines they are the best thing to add to your home,every time you walk into the room your lookin who`s out and about.I would go for at least 30Kg`s of LR to start with,a deltec protein skimmer and a good fluval cannister filter,RO water only with a good quality salt,buy your own salt.mix in some live sand with your substrate.Hope that helps.