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12 ft height x 3 ft depth x 5 ft width Marine Aquarium #1

I would love to have a marine aquarium which basically replaces a wall (and act similar to a window) and was discussing this in a shop and they said the acrylic tank alone would cost in excess of ?35k.

I was shocked, I expected expensive just not that expensive.

I don't want to drop what could be a fabulous idea before I really understand the costs involved.

At the moment, just the principle cost of the tank and filtration would be a help. I can find out running, maintenance and stocking later.

I've tried to speak to a bespoke company and they give me the run around without giving me one idea of the cost involved.

Have you or anyone you know done anything similar who could give me an idea of the cost (nearest ?1k would do).

Also, if you know of any reason why this is not feasible. I have a concrete floor and the foundations I have been reliably told will take the weight.

All help is appreciated.

My thanks,
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Re: 12 ft height x 3 ft depth x 5 ft width Marine Aquarium #2
yeah its possible have a word with fit filtration in sheffield speak to paul he'l point you in the right direction
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Re: 12 ft height x 3 ft depth x 5 ft width Marine Aquarium #3
Hi there,

Anything is possible with enough money . I would reckon that a ?35k cost would be about right . Any reason to do it in acrylic and not glass ?

You'd be looking at a 5000L ( 1100 gallon ) tank. This would cost you the best part of ?50 a week just in salt for your water changes. Expect huge bills for lighting as well ( you would need multiple 400W lumenarcs for that ) to reach the bottom of the tank. Heating that volume of water will be expensive too.

Then you have to think about cooling , a chiller for that volume of water would be the best part of ?2k . most people who have monster tanks have a dedicated 'fish room' next to / underneath the main display tank.

You could have a look on UR and ask some of the 'big boys' there how they do it ( and pay for it ) ...

Just as a rough guess , i would say ?30-40 K setup costs and then ?7k a year to run it ...
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