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oxygenating plants/weed? #1
hi guys, i have a problem ... i used to have a big bunch of oxygenating weed/plants, since i built the pond two years ago ive been putting in a big batch every summer because it just disappears over time. i do have 2 grass carp and 3 koi, they all range 6-10" ... could they be responceable? or does it die over the winter?
my neighbor has offered me a big aerator which he used to keep eels alive with, im considering it because surely it will be more affective? and i wont have to keep replacing weed which introduced leeches into my pond in its first year (not the type which attach themself to fish incase your wondering)

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Re: oxygenating plants/weed? #2
Not knowing what you have, or even what species of floating weed are allowed in the UK, it's hard to say. But koi and grass carp both love some types of floating weed. If it gradually disapperas, and the remaining weed stays green, then the fish are probably eating it. That's really not a bad thing. If it's dying in the winter, though, you should pull it out in late fall, as you don't want it rotting in the pond.

Aeration is very useful too. The bubbles don't add all that much oxygen directly, but the rising air column keeps bringing oxygen depleted water to the surface, and that will make a huge difference.
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Re: oxygenating plants/weed? #3
I haven't read your full post, I stopped at Grass Carp. Thats where it's going.