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Room to add fish? #1
I have a pond that is somewhere between 1000-1200 galllons. Inside I have 3 comets about 8 inches each and 3 shebunkin's about 5 inches in size each. Do I have enough room to add 2 koi if not do i have enough room to add any fish? It seems like there is plenty of room. The pond is about 11 feet long by 8 or 9 feet wide and varies in depth. The deepest part is about 3 feet.
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Re: Room to add fish? #2
Yeah would be fine, for a couple of koi and then a few more fish as well, but best add the koi and then add more fish next year.
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Re: Room to add fish? #3
Will Koi grow to their full size in a pond this size? People say that Koi will "grow to the size of the pond", but how is that different from goldfish whose growth is stunted by the size of the bowl? Seems to me that if an animal's growth is limited by the size of its quarters at any stage of its life, it needs more room.
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Re: Room to add fish? #4
the koi will grow regardless of the pond size so when they become to big you may need to rehome them or make the pond bigger
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