Can I keep tropicals in my coldwater tank? #1
Sorry, still a bit new to all this (Hence the handle )

I currently have two Red Cap Oranda's and a Hypostomus Plecostomus (Common Plec) in amy coldwater set up which has been at a constant 75 degrees.

I am aware that some species of tropicals would live happily in that temperature of water. Which species could I purchase to complement & live happily with my current stock??

Thanks in advance
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Re: Can I keep tropicals in my coldwater tank? #2
Hello and welcome to fishkeeping I was going to suggest maybe a bristle nose pleco as they don't grow too big, but I have just found the plec you have do you realise how big they grow incase you don't read the link below, is it one of these.

I wouldn't mix small fish like zebra danios with goldfish though as they may be eaten when the goldfish get large.