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Fantails - Reeney #1
Reeney I hope you don't mind me putting this message as a post but thought others may learn from it too

Reeney wrote:
Hi there Goldy! I see from the forum that you're an expert so I wondered if you could help us with a condundrum. We got a Biorb at the beginning of May. A combination of bad advice and lack of knowledge meant our first fish didn't last very long (10 days). Following better advice we cycled the tank without fish for a month, testing all the while then put a red fantail in. It died in 8 days (it had a swimbladder problem when we got him and it just didn't get better- we think that was the biggest problem, but there may well have been something else, he was never happy). We now have an orange fantail who seems happy. We're feeding him a diet of bloodworms, soaked pellets and the odd pea, we're doing regular partial changes, the plants are happy and, for the most part he seems to be apart from the fact that for the last 24 hours he's been trying to eat bubbles. The water is fine for nitrate, nitrite, pH and ammonia - is this fish just winding us up or is he in danger? The long story above is to show that we really don't want to lose another fish!

Thank you for your time and advice


Hello Katherine
I am not an expert but have kept goldfish for over 30 years so have learnt somethings.
Going by what you have told me you like all of us learnt a few lessons the hard way "sad to say for the poor fish" but you seem to have it sorted now, goldfish are daft to a degree and possibly short sited as they will try to eat anything that floats past their eyes or looks like food, reason for eating the bubbles although not good as you know air can cause swimbladder trouble and fancies are prone to it, the only advice I can give really is keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the little fellow/girl and try not to worry too much, if you have any more concerns we are here and will do our best to help. If you haven't already ? read the post "New owner seeks advice as you will find she is like you with a biorb and fancy fish too. Good luck
Reeney Reeney
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Re: Fantails - Reeney #2
Thanks for the reply Goldy - I've read that post now and it was useful. Getting the Biorb opened a lot of conflicting advice and information - we were told that the tank was ready for our first fish - with the knowledge we have now we know that wasn't true. We're really pleased with how easy it is to maintain now, and hope very much that this fish is the start of a small community that will keep us entertained for years! I can watch him for hours. We're waiting a while yet before getting him a friend as we want to make sure that the filtration etc is working just right.

My final comment in this post is that following the loss of the first fish we contacted ReefOne (that make the Biorb) for advice and they were brilliant. Not only did they give us practical advice and information, but sent us a new set of the starter chemicals for us to start again at their cost. Really good customer service.

Thanks again