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pufferfish whitespot #1
I've just noticed that my puffer fish have developed a bit of white spot. I'm pretty sure they have only developed it in the last few days and they are in the Q tank already so thats a bonus. Does Melafix/pimafix work on whitespot? It doesn't say so on the bottles but i have given them it anyway as that always seems to be the first port of call. I'm already doing daily water changes as its only small q tank so i'll keep up with them. What else should i do?
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Re: pufferfish whitespot #2
Melafix and Pimafix don't do anything for whitespot. Protozin or eSHa Exit as long as they don't say they are contraindicated for puffers.
Gadually crank the heat up to the highest that is tolerable for your fish to speed up the ws lifecycle then you will need to treat for a shorter period.