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The cruelty has to stop! #1
Oh my good lord!

I was at a fair the other day and I was shocked to see fish being given out as prizes on no less that 5 stalls. What made it worse was not the fact that these fish were being given to people who had not planned for such ownership but the treatment of the fish. One guy had a bowl full all looking terrified uddled together at the bottom and he simply grabbed one out with his hand put it in a bag and bam enjoy your new huge responsibility. In another instance a woman was actually giving them out un plastic cups !

I had no idea that this shocking practice still went on its so distresing to see beautiful fish treated with such disregard.
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Re: The cruelty has to stop! #2
im not a big fan of fairs they creep me out for some reason still this is very sad to hear this coninuing and i suppose if you did win you could say "no thanks u cankeep it"
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Re: The cruelty has to stop! #3
It was going to be a provision in the most recent Animal Welfare Act but was dropped.
Many local authorities ban it by local bye-laws.
It's banned in Rome too, as are goldfish bowls.