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Corn snake questions #1
i have 2, one girl one boy, added today. boy is 2 times size of girl. boy fancies girl. girl not into it as having 'fat day' (ready to shed). boy insists. much
to-ing and fro-ing later girl and boy are done. however they've left a patch (small) of blood on the substrate. is this normal/ok? never happened with the other male.
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Re: Corn snake questions #2
Normal no, but it can happen. Male probably got a hemipenile lobe pinched or dried, snakes can copulate for quite a while and the skin in the hemipenis is tissue paper thin, and prone to drying. Its a bit like getting a cigarette stuck to your lip on a cold day, just as well they have two erm...heads to it. We should be so lucky , once got kicked by an ex gf who was wearing high heels, rather wished id had similar equipment for a couple of weeks.lol

It will probably heal. Im assumming its a male with the issue, females often fare rather better than the males during copulation in respect to er.. genital injuries.

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Re: Corn snake questions #3
friend of ross and good with reptiles so dont question ross just ask for kerry anyway the blood is probably just from the male when mating cus they can get a bit feisty if you know what i mean