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Re: Cleaned and cycling #11
Guppies may be a possibility, I'll have to go a look at some... see how they rate..


guppies bred like well guppies, I brought one female aready had a male, guess what, result, 70 guppies, im not joking.

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Re: Cleaned and cycling #12
Hi systemmatic - sorry to be a bit late catching up with this thread! I have a BiOrb, and rather than follow the instructions that came with the tank, I took Goldy's advice and cycled my tank for a month before I added my first fish: a lovely telescopic fantail called Goldie! He has huge white eyes. Then I did water tests and in a fortnight, added Serpie and Scales. I have a very good fish shop, and the guys there said three was enough - they're small at the moment but I know I'll need to buy them a new home in a year or two. I have three plants in with them, and do a water change every 10 days; filter change due this weekend. I only know about fancy goldfish, but can highly recommend telescopics, as they are soooo cute!
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This is Goldie!