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  • Posted on: 5/2/2008 18:07
i want a new(ish) tank #1
so if anyone is getting rid let me know.

its to replace the big 4 footer which is looking a bit scabby, and will be recycled into a snake viv.

ideally a corner unit.

does anyone know if its possible to get one on credit anywhere at all, to lessen the burden?
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Re: i want a new(ish) tank #2
Reckon eBay is your best bet.
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Re: i want a new(ish) tank #3
Word of advice, credit is never good. Especially "Store Credit" the rates, tie ins and hidden administration charges will have you paying twice over or more.

Stick to ebay, free-ads, freecycle etc.
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Re: i want a new(ish) tank #4
E bay can be a really good bet especially if you are willing to put a little money into the project.
Eg I got 2 4ft tanks on a double stand with lighting and filtration and then picked up new heaters from the guy cheap due to his being a cold water keeper. All for £115 and then as the filters were dubious to say the least I managed to pick up a pair of fluval 205 external canister filters for a bargain £20.
The bargains are ther if you have time and patience. Also look at aquarist classified.

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