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Re: Over wintering - whats right and whats wrong! #11
Overwinter your fish according to your pond.
There are no rights & rongs when you overwinter your pond just a few rules.
Ponds up to 2' deep. It doesnt pay to take out the pump because when or if it freezes there is at least a circulation of water which inserts oxygen into the water, whilst the top of the water is frozen which stops the oxygen flowing in or out.
Ponds over 2' up to 3' deep
Like the gentleman sais the thermocline(diffrence in water temperatures) is very little at this depth but there is at least one degree, and you should circulate the top of the water instead of drawing up from the bottom.At least the fish will have at least +1 degree when the top is frozen.
Ponds over 3' deep
The thermocline raises temperatures by 1 degree for every foot depth, Thats why my pond is six feet deep.during the winter I leave all equipment running to take out the large particles of dirt. But I circulate the top 2' of water.
My pond is crystal clear summer & winter. and I can see the fish at the bottom in the winter.when the spring comes in I remove the excess growth of weed & switch back the outlet to the bottom drain & drag out the debris from the winter.
When people talk about taking out their pump in the winter as a fishkeeper I advise them that the only pumps to be taken out are the ornamental type that run a fountain as they are within reach of the freeze and are prone to freezing up == End of pump.
Trust this helps
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