nitra zorb #1
I dont know if anyone has tried this product, this the info ive found on it, now looking for a cheap supplier.

Purpose and Benefits:

Nitra-Zorb is a water filtration medium comprised of natural and synthetic ion-exchange resins in a flow-through pouch. Nitra-Zorb selectively removes ammonia, nitrite and nitrate from freshwater aquariums. This product helps establish new aquariums by controlling the levels of ammonia and nitrite and preventing fish loss. Nitra-Zorb is also very useful in established aquariums whenever ammonia and nitrite is detected. Many advanced hobbyists are concerned about nitrate in the aquarium. Nitra-Zorb will help keep nitrate under control. Nitra-Zorb is easily recharged in a solution of warm table salt. Nitra-Zorb can be used in any filter.

When setting up a new aquarium use Nitra-Zorb continuously as directed. Whenever ammonia or nitrite is indicated by testing, Nitra-Zorb is exhausted and must be recharged. Follow the recharging instructions and continue to use Nitra-Zorb while the biological filter becomes established.

Nitra-Zorb is ideal for delicate species of fish and plants that thrive in soft water aquariums. This product will not alter pH, hardness, or alkalinity levels, and will not remove trace elements such as iron. Use Nitra-Zorb to maintain high water quality and fish vigor in any freshwater aquarium.

The level of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate removed depends on the size of the Nitra-Zorb pouch, size of the aquarium, flow rate of the aquarium filter, and how much ammonia, nitrite and nitrate is being produced in the aquarium daily. A 3.7 oz (105 g) pouch of Nitra-Zorb in a 20 U.S. gallon (75.6 L) aquarium will remove 5.0 ppm ammonia, 1.0 ppm nitrite, and 20 ppm nitrate in 24-48 hours. If the aquarium is overstocked or fed heavily, the build-up of ammonia, nitrite and nitrate may occur as fast it can be removed by Nitra-Zorb. Nitrate levels may be so high that they are well above the maximum level on nitrate test kits. It may be necessary to continually recharge and reuse the Nitra-Zorb pouch until the nitrate level drops within the test kit range.

Directions for Use:

Rinse the pouch thoroughly in tap water before use. After 24-48 hours recharge the pouch and repeat the process. Place the pouch in the aquarium filter so water passes through the pouch. Over time the resins will become coated with dissolved organic matter. When product performance declines replace with a new pouch.

Recharging Instructions:
Dissolve 4 tablespoons (80 g) of non-iodized salt in 8 fl oz (240 ml) of warm water. Do not use boiling water. Soak the pouch in the saltwater solution for two hours and rinse in tap water. The pouch is now ready to re-use.


Nitra-Zorb can be used in freshwater aquariums containing aquarium salt and in Rift lake cichlid aquariums. Nitra-Zorb will not work in saltwater aquariums. The high level of salt prevents the ion-exchange process from working properly. Do not use Nitra-Zorb while medicating the aquarium.

Sizes Available:

#110A - 7.4oz (210g) pouch in a jar. Treats up to 55 US gallons (208 L)

#110B - 3.7oz (105g) pouch in a jar. Treats up to 20 US gallons (75.7 L)

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Re: nitra zorb #2
As you know Di I am waiting for some by Rena to be delivered, anyway here is a link for you to check it out but you will need to scrole down the page and it does come in a pouch

You can also get it by API:
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Re: nitra zorb #3
i am currently using Nitrasafe made by Interpet, one 250ml sachet costs £11.50, thats a bit steep i think. it does seem to reduce the nitrate ok, supposed to remove over 7,000mg of nitrate per usage. Recharge after 24 hours.
recharging can be a pain, supposed to trickle flow 1 litre of salt solution thru' the sachet over a 1 hour period, you can imagine that can be a bit hit & miss. then trickle flow 2 litres of fresh water to rinse sachet.
sachet can be put in filter or hung in the tank.