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lizzleton lizzleton
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 15/1/2009 1:04
Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos????? #1
I wasn't trying to tell the original poster to follow exactly what I did. I was just commenting about my experiences with compatibility and the successful tank I've set up. And for you information, I did not put the 8 tetras into the new tank right away. I waited atleast week and used bacteria to jump start the system. I tested the water everyday to ensure that it was going in the right direction. And in no way would i ever jeopardize the lives of my fish! And I wasn't the only person who set up a tank with the same species of fish that I have in mine. And they have both been successful.

I would have to disagree with the comment out my mollies. I add aquarium salt to keep them happy. They bred within a few weeks of being of being put in the tank, so I'm expecting some baby mollies!

By the way, my angel is about and inch and I plan on moving him into another larger tank when he gets bigger.

lizzleton lizzleton
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 14/1/2009 1:10
Re: 40 ltr Tropical tank needs bottom feeders/plecos????? #2

I was reading through the comments and I went through the same issues when I was setting up my most recent tank. Its really hard to find out what kind of fish go together but in my opinion you just have to try them out and see what works. Of course use logic, as in big fish will eat the smaller fish generally if you keep non-aggressive community fish together or semi-agressive tropical fish together they will do well.

At the moment I have three tanks. And contrary to popular belief bettas can be kept with tetras! I have two male bettas in two seperate tanks (of course) and had neon tetra jumbos in with one and black neon tetras in with the other. They went really well together. There was no fin nipping whatsoever! The bettas only got aggressive when they wanted to mate but they swim very slow so the tetras weren't even bothered. Bettas can do fine with smaller tropical community fish or by themselves.

My newest tank is 110 liters. I set up my tank by putting in 8 tetras and guess what they didn't die! I've done it with my other tanks as well but I put in beneficial bacteria to jump start the tank. And everything went extremely well. You just need to test the water to make sure it is in a safe range for the fish.

And as for some ideas for your tank (since it is very hard to find good information), I will tell you about mine. I have an angelfish, 3 mollies, one cory catfish, 5 red minor tetras, 3 black neon tetras and 3 neon tetra jumbos. The catfish and the angelfish are used as population control since the mollies are livebearers.

Its a really lovely tropical tank. Unfortunately you can't have that many fish but its just to give you an idea. If you wanted to put a shark in, you'd have to get a very small one and then put in other semi-aggressive fish, like some barbs.