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Big_K! Big_K!
  • Just popping in
  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 2/3/2004 21:55
Re: Rapid build up of green algae! #1

Thanks for the reply... ok, some tests done today...

Amonia - 0.1 mg/l
Nitrite - 0/0.1 NO2
Nitrate - 75/100 NO3
Broad Range - <8.5 pH

I notice that Nitrate level is higher than would be hoped for, but others seem to be acceptable. (I think!)

Have reduced light time now, didn't realise this was so effective. Will get a timer to aim for 10 hours during day, with an hour break as u suggest. In the past have had in excess of 12 hours.

Thanks for your help... any feedback much appreciated.


Big_K! Big_K!
  • Just popping in
  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 1/3/2004 21:31
Rapid build up of green algae! #2
Hi all,

Any help would be much appreciated...

I'm having problems with the rapid build up of green algae, a thick layer of slime that covers the whole of the aquarium base, after a matter of days.

I have a 160 litre tank, fluval 304 ext. filter, all the correct media, 15" air stone, and heater set at room temp. for those cold winter nights.

I have a single inhabitant at present, a Comet goldfish.

Have tested for amonia and nitrite and is ok, although pH is slightly alkaline at 8.5, and might explain the rapid build up. But how do I change this?

Help much appreciated...