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Saffa Saffa
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 31/5/2007 15:56
Re: Dr.Watson's worms!! #1
Hi all

I Started marine awhile back about 6 months ago, and came here for advice, anyway I thought i would pop back in quickly because I have worms and was wondering if they were dangerous or harmfull in any way? They are like a soft skin sort of colour with lots of legs and very long, kind of like centipedes. They also have very good grip.
Is this the same sort of worms this thread relates to, if so I have loads in my live rock. They feed at night or come out at night and feed on anything really, My shrimp shed some skin and by morning it was gone!!!

I could try catch some, they tend to stick underneath the bigger rocks and post them off if need be.


Saffa Saffa
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 11/1/2007 14:57
Re: New to marine and help needed #2
Yeah I have the hydromoter. Won't be adding any more creatures untill it's at leat 2 months old, let it settle in and complete the process. I will keep the ro water fresh and will only mix it with salt outside of the container in a seperate bucket. Thanks for all the help, i'm sure you will be hearing more from me soon.
Thanks again

Saffa Saffa
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  • Posted on: 11/1/2007 12:14
Re: New to marine and help needed #3
Excellent I think i'm starting to understand the more technical side alot clearer, I have purchased some RO water today, it's quite a bit £1.50 for what looks like 20 litres. Way too much for my tank, I will add some salt and water in a buscket and let it settle befor I do the water change tonight. Do I need to buy new RO water each time or will this water stay fresh if I keep it sealed in the container? The "coral skeleton" is covered in brown algae now and it looks like it's starting to settle nicely. I have about a kilo of live rock but we will be purchasing more slowly in the next few weeks. I have noticed a few worm like creatures on the live rock almost like a spiders web and very fine but you can see them moving. there is also what looks like a very small flower starting to grow with little tenticles, sometimes the rock is more interesting than the tank.

Thanks for the help.

Saffa Saffa
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  • Posted on: 10/1/2007 18:42
Re: New to marine and help needed #4
Currently I think mine is fish only, well besides the live rock. All we have are 2 fish and a shrimp. The coral you see above is dried out coral so it's hard and more for decoration.
So do you feel I shouldn't have an internal filter? Do I just take out the media and leave the pump to run to provide circulation? Thanks for the help I really appreciate it, unfortunatelly the books we have only tell us so much. We have a really healthy bearded dragon that we have had for 2 years (thats a lizard) and we really want happy healthy fish, so I want to make 100% sure we are doing everything right.

Saffa Saffa
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  • Posted on: 9/1/2007 21:29
Re: New to marine and help needed #5
Thanks for the reply, some really usefull info.
We are going to buy an external skimmer at the end of the month as this one doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. For now I have just detached it and i'm letting the bubbles from the stone flow to the surface. The brown algae is really starting to take over so i'm hoping it will dissapear. Spotted really cool things appearing on the live rock, like little shells that seem to move around. So far so good. Could someone offer some advise on water changes, I cant seem to find RO water as we use tap water and I would like to do our first major water change soon. this would be at around 4 weeks in.

Saffa Saffa
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  • Posted on: 7/1/2007 18:09
New to marine and help needed #6
Hi All

We have purchased a marine tank and need some advice please,
I realise most of my questions may be answered within this forum elswhere but I also realise that being new I may read into it incorrectly therefore asking some "easy" questions.

The basic info:
Tank size - Fluval Duo Deep 600. 84 litres/ 18 UK Gal approx.
Size (L x B x H) - 600 x 350 x 400 mm approx.
lights 1 blue 1 white
Skimmer - berlin airlift 60
fluval internal filter
2 pieces of live rock
a few pieces of large ocean rock
1 clown fish
1 damsel
1 cleaner shrimp
all 3 weeks old, except the fish.

The skimmer seems too large for the tank as the water line is just under the catchment cup, to be honest all I seem to get is water in the catchment cup itself. the skimmer is my biggest worry as i'm not sure if its working correct. it's internal.

The filter has good circulation and I have the jet just above the water line to suck in as many bubbles as possible.
and runs constantly along with the skimmer.

There is brown algae that has developed rapidly over the last 48/72 hours all over the rock and some sand.

The salt level is correct and the nitrate (I think) has left 0 and gone alot more pinkish, (don't know the exact figure)

If someone could give me some advice or general info that would help with regards to next steps :)

We will be purchasing an external filter soon, but it is a small tank so wasn't sure about the protein skimmer being necessary, the fish store were not very helpfull with anything. Think they may only like experienced keepers (so how us beginners learn I have no idea)
I don't want fish to die as it would be harsh.
sorry for the essay, like I said i'm new.
small pic, hope it works (ignore the genital looking thing in the background, somehow the background formed a very amusing shape that we now consider fine art!! ha ha)
Resized Image