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  • Just popping in
  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 17/8/2003 21:35
Goldfish going pale #1
My goldfish have been in their pond for approx. 3 Years. They were introduced from a reputable aquatics dealer at around an inch long, along with some shebunkins. The first thing we noticed, was the following year, one of the goldfish had turned jet black. I believe that this is the colour of very young goldfish, so put it down to its having 'reverted'. The fish are now around three to four inches long but one of them has started to turn white! I noticed it at the beginning of the year, with small white patches. Thinking it may be white - spot I kept a close eye on it, but there is no sign of any ill health or fungal growth. It is as lively as any of the other fish. It has got ot the stage now, where it is almost all white, with a few gold scales on its back and the head is still gold. Another one seems to be starting with the same patches. I've also noticed that one of the shebunkins seems to be going pale, losing that bright vibrant colouring that they have. Again, all the fish feed well and seem to have plenty of energy, so I'm wondering what's wrong? Can anyone help please?