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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 19/7/2020 19:41
Red streak on goldfish scale? #1
Hello, everyone. I have a 7 year old feeder goldfish (the kind you get at the fair), and he has one scale that has a reddish streak that looks kind of like red pest disease. He currently lives in a 55 gallon fish tank. A few days ago he suffered through a pretty traumatic event... his 60 gallon fish tank randomly blew; luckily my parents were home and were able to scoop him out and into a big laundry bin right before he ran out of water. A 55 gallon tank was all they could find at 8 pm that night when this all happened. He’s acting fine and eating well. He also doesn’t seem to mind the new tank despite it being 5 gallons smaller, but I’m not sure if stress could cause whatever is happening to his scale. He’s lost a 2 or 3 scales before (they just fell off?), but I’m worried he is sick. Since we had to get him a new tank after the last one blew, he had a complete cleaning with brand new rocks and everything. Before the accident, he would have his tank cleaned every 1 1/2-2 weeks since he is a very dirty goldfish. Please help!

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