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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 3/11/2019 1:31
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #1
Hi thanks for your reply. I have tried the two medications I’ve mentioned before and followed the instructions and even did esha ndx treatment again after two days even though I was supposed to wait a week I couldn’t. The fish didn’t pass any worms during the second dose and I kept checking. Tonight they passed two more worms but I can see they have still loads inside them.
The vets listed on the link you provided are miles away from where I live and I’m not sure they can prescribe anything from speaking to me on the phone?
The pet store have now took the decision to ignore me and I’ve contacted them via email, and over social media platforms. I was even put through to head office and the woman on the phone sounded like it was a massive inconvenience to her and yawned several times while I spoke.
I will try the other link for USA vets but can they prescribe medication?

I read somewhere that these worms bury into the muscle of fish and don’t budge which might explain why I’m struggling to get rid of them.
I don’t know if it’s too late for my fish or not I’ve never felt so helpless.
One of the fish looks like it’s bleeding under the skin I just can’t beleive how distressed they are and I can’t do anything.
If and when they die I won’t ever get fish again, I never knew half the stuff I’ve learned and how difficult it is when fish need veterinary help.
I’ve attached a photo of a worm the fish passed earlier, with a bit of a pea in the pot and something else. But apparently it’s only poop said the aquarist for the pet shop.

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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 1/11/2019 16:40
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #2
I just spoke to customer services who apparently asked an aquarist for his opinion after looking at the poor quality photos I sent them in email and he has said it’s just poop?! Seriously. My fish after eating just peas have expelled 25 reddish brown worms which are still alive and what I’ve witnessed moving in the bucket of water after 10 mins. Poop doesn’t wriggle but customer services says it does due to current in the water?

I didn’t touch the bucket or the water these worms were in and they were moving so I poured boiling water and bleach onto them and it still took a while for them to die.
I don’t know if it’s the pets store being in denial and refusing to deal with the problem or not.
Because they are adamant they are not worms despite all the symptoms and behaviour of my fish I realise I will never get the veterinary help these fish desperately need.
As I’ve now exhausted every option open to me and I can’t do anything else I’ve told them I’m returning the fish for them to treat them in a quarantine tank for the worm infestation and when and if they have been cleared I will come and collect them with the fish looking healthy.
I don’t have any faith in them treating my fish with a veterinary medication especially if they use store staff to be the ones monitoring them as they probably won’t have any knowledge or experience of identifying round worm infestation.
Then the fish without treatment will die.
To be told that all of this is just the fish having a long poop has left me feeling so angry.
I’ve told them I will be claiming all my expenses back from them as they have caused me and the fish nothing but stress.
I want to take a sample of the worms to be examined by an expert or some scientist that deals with fish diseases because if the fish die and I can’t prove what was wrong with them then the pet store will hold no responsibility.
So I was hoping someone on here might know of somewhere that does this type of sample tests of the fishes worms that are diagnosed to be poop.
I will get the money together to have it done I just need to know where I can find someone to help with this?
I really appreciate any help or advice with this.
Also what would you do if it was yourself in this situation?
I’m at a loss with this.
Thank you.

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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 1/11/2019 13:08
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #3
The treatment hasn’t worked although they have expelled at least 25 worms between them. I can still see the worms moving when I feed the fish as the fishes gut tenses up and contracts sending fish into a wild frenzy.
After another night of no sleep as the fish were gasping for air at the surface and gulping water despite doing a 50% water change and adding 3 air pumps to tank.
They are extremely irritated as I write this.
I rang the PAH store customer services again and the guy on the phone just couldn’t believe I’ve never had any assistance during the 5 times I’ve gone back to store asking for help. He told me the store staff have contact numbers and links with vets and a marine biologist that could have helped me over the last 4-5 weeks.
He stayed on the phone to me while I emailed him photos of the fish and the worms and when he received them he replied “oh dear I know what you mean as there’s been a outbreak of these types of worms that are not responding to ordinary worming medication” he said he was forwarding the photos to the marine biologist and that someone would either email me or call me back as soon as they get a reply back from him.
I’m having to sit in a different room from the fish as there’s literally nothing else I can do that I haven’t tried already to alleviate the stress they are suffering.
They are currently throwing themselves against the tank glass and hitting their heads on everything while their stomach is in a spasm and contracting. I don’t think levamisole can treat these worms as I know the fish are severely infected still and during treatment the worms were/ are still moving and sending the fish crazy. I’m now awaiting to hear back from the store and I’m guessing whatever they suggest it is going to cost me again and I’m already using my student loan which I’ve never had to do as I had savings before I got the fish.
The way things are going I don’t care about the money or the cost I just want to see an end to this problem and they help my fish before it’s too late.

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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 29/10/2019 22:24
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #4
Just to update, I received the EshA ndx and applied the treatment to tank after a 50% water change.This was at 12.30pm.
They have expelled just two worms, one each and the worms were still alive and moving in the bucket I put them into. I poured boiling water from the kettle into the bucket with bleach. Then placed the bucket outside onto the balcony. The fish started glass surfing and flicking their tails within 10 minutes and began swimming up the side of the glass near the filter.

They seem irritated and both are still swollen. Another thing they’ve always done is nose down and tail up while pecking bottom of tank. There’s a handful of gravel I put down in one corner of the tank so the tank doesn’t look too empty for them.

I read on the box to do a 50% water change after just 24 hours.
It also says if no improvement to change 50% of the water and redose without dechlorinators or oxidisers in the water.
I did add dechlorinator prior to treating so perhaps I should try again tomorrow afternoon without it.

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  • Posted on: 29/10/2019 9:04
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #5
The bulge shadow on their stomachs. 😕

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  • Posted on: 29/10/2019 9:01
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #6
Thank you to you both for your comments and advice. I think it will be a long day and night as from looking at the fish they both look as though they will be a lot of worms. The symptoms lists on the Internet didn’t contain two of the main symptoms in my fish which would have made a quicker diagnosis if I’d come across the symptoms.
It’s the reason why I suspected internal worms last instead of first and if it wasn’t until a few days ago when one fish expelled the long worm it confirmed I’d misdiagnosed.
The two symptoms they had mainly was the erratic swimming and darting about the tank. The other was the contracting of the stomach cavity particularly when the fish ate, and the bulge/ dark shadow Which can be seen on their tummy’s.

My friend who has two large fish in her garden pond told me to stop fussing about them and the erratic swimming and hitting themselves against the glass was just the fish exercising? I honestly don’t know how her fish are still alive as she does everything the opposite way to caring for them. She has had the fish 10 years and she still believes the old myths about fish growing to size of their tank and she said when she was a child her parents had several tropical fish tanks containing a variety of tropical fish. She said her parents didn’t use tap safe treatments, carbon filters or heaters and she said the fish lived for many happy years.
She puts the hose pipe in the pond and leaves it running, and over flowing with water all day while she’s out shopping. She washes her sponge filters in clean running tap water and never in pond water and refuses to accept any advice of what she should be doing.

The photo attached are of the fish the week I bought them and the swimming up and down the front of the glass was constant, which they did all day and night and would only stop to feed before resuming the “exercise” my friend says they are doing! 🙄😂

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  • Posted on: 28/10/2019 17:38
Re: I don’t know what else to do-please help? #7

Fishlady wrote:

Sorry to hear about your problems with your fish. I believe they probably have a specific worm species called Camallanus. They need a specific medication called levamisole to treat these. Esha NDX has levamisole as its active ingredient. If you can't find it locally, it's available on eBay here: ... 5c16e8:g:de0AAOSw6WNazMbO

Thank you for your reply. I suspected it is camalanus worm as I’ve researched it.
I have already bought the EshA NDX from eBay land delivery is expected by tomorrow.
I hope my fish recover from this. They are both two beautiful lovely fish that swim over to front of glass when they see or recognise my voice. They will happily swim into fish net when I have to put them into plastic storage box for 20 mins to quickly clean the tank.
I think seeing me and hearing my voice trying to keep them calm is keeping them alive. I’ve had to talk to them to stop them both giving up as I’ve seen them floating swimming in one spot. They wait near surface at front of glass for me and still swim around in circles happily when they see me.
I have reported the pet store to council who issue the licenses to them. The council have requested my details and have assured me they will look into this as they have dealt with them before.
Do you know if the EshA product will kill the worms before they pass them out or not?
Do you know how long approx it will take for the worms to die after adding the treatment?
I hope it acts fast, my fish have never had a moments peace since they were born I suspect. They don’t deserve this.
I’m going to do everything I can to aid recovery if they pull through and it’s not too late for them.
I will keep you updated and thank you so much for your reply I really appreciate it.

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  • Posted on: 28/10/2019 16:16
I don’t know what else to do-please help? #8
I don’t have the energy to write too much but I really don’t have a choice as I desperately need help.
I purchased two 3cm small baby goldfish from a well known pet store.
Like many newbies I had no idea about fish. One fish is a lemon colour and the other a (was) a vibrant orange. I bought a 64 litre tank to start out with the intention to upgrade within a few weeks when they had grown.
I have become really attached to these fish ;(
I’ve read a lot about fish since buying them and believed it was my tank that hadn’t cycled properly at first as my fish have been extremely stressed since the day I bought them.
I tried all sorts of filter cycle additives etc and tested my water daily and performed small water changes then large water changes nothing changed. My water test results remain the same making me think the tests are faulty. I used API 5 in 1 test strips and API ammonia Test strips. GH 180+ (very hard water) KH 80 PH 7.0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 20. Ammonia 0.
I rang the store asking for help before realising they don’t know anything about fish and asked me what my water tests were. They advised me to have it tested in store. It was a waste of a taxi fare they use the same test strips as myself and readings came out exactly same. I told them my fish are very stressed out and stay by the water surface most of the time, or are glass surfing and darting, scratching against the gravel.
I saw white under the fishes body and believed it to be fungal infection, I treated and no change , I then thought columnaris, I treated no change. They swelled up and quick 30 second salt dips helped for about two hours. I treated for swim bladder, gave peas for constipation, treated with anti bacterial the list goes on. I have had the fish since mid September.
One thing I noticed from day 1 and what I couldn’t for the life of me find any explanation for was when ate something their stomachs would contract and they would dart wildly about the tank hitting their heads and body against the glass and everything. 2 weeks later after feeding more peas and during a daily gravel vacuum I found a long reddish brown poo that resembled a worm.
I examined it under a magnifying glass and because it wasn’t moving I told myself it was just poop but was baffled why it was reddish brown after eating only peas.
I got desperate and purchased kanaplex from USA.
I thought it helped because for a few hours the fish were calm.
Then the darting started again. One of the little fishes swam so erratically about the tank it was shaking and looked shocked. I have NEVER in my life felt so helpless and rang around vets to be told they don’t treat fish. I offered to pay any amount of money if the vet would help me.
They just replied sorry we don’t treat fish before replacing receiver.
I treated for external parasite as well as anti fluke medications.
I hadn’t slept properly since buying these fish I’m constantly checking up on them throughout the night.
Two days ago I laid down one night completely exhausted only to see one fish darting about the tank worse than ever. I switched on the light to find a 8cm worm still alive and moving hanging out of one of the fishes vent. It was longer than the fish I started crying helplessly before using the net to try and help the fish by putting it into a large plastic storage box filled with water. As i released it into the water the worm fell to bottom and coiled curled up before dying.
I never knew fish got worms until that moment.
I can see the brown bulge which frequently contracts inside both fishes.
I know I am dealing with a massive internal worm infestation and this has obviously been the reason for erratic darting.
I went to an aquatic shop 10 miles away in a taxi first thing yesterday morning after speaking on the phone to the shop manager and he told me to come and get this dewormer.
NT LABS anti fluke and wormer. Flubendazole 1000mg.
I removed everything from the tank other than filter with carbon etc removed added additional air stones.
My fish have passed more than a dozen worms since yesterday morning.
I also suspect they have eaten one or two during the one hours sleep I had last night.
The worms are still alive and I can see them moving and bulging from both fishes stomach.
They haven’t grown a mm since I bought them and I realise now that they have never had a ordinary poop as I now know I was vacuuming worms up from the tank substrate.
I have covered the tank glass with a dark coloured bed sheet and closed the blinds as I’ve read the medication doesn’t work when exposed to light.
I bought the fish as my therapist recommended an aquarium might help with my complex post traumatic stress disorder she is treating me for.
I live alone, I drive but don’t have a car as the DVLA told me I couldn’t drive until I’ve undergone therapy.
I have ran out of money buying, replacing tank decor, medications, and using taxis to get around.
I feel worse now than I have ever been during the years ive had PTSD.
I am making myself ill.
I don’t know what I’ll do if the two little fish die after everything I’ve tried to do.
Sorry for the long post.
Please help me, advise what to do as I can’t go on like this.
My local vet offered to euthanise both fish for £35 each if needed.
They are both eating still but I’m reluctant to continue feeding the worms and not my fish.
The attached photo shows one of the fish with the huge worm hanging down.
He is looking shocked 😢
Thank you.

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