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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 1/8/2019 18:56
Black moor fungus? #1
White cotton like lines on black moor
by Anonymous on 2019/8/1 18:47:34

Hi all, I’ve been having problems with my black moors... It’s been going on for about three weeks now, please bear in mind these are my first black moors, I am only used to keeping normal goldfish. It’s not ick I believe it’s a fungal thing going on. I have four and at first they all had it,starting on the smallest one, three of them are fine now but one just won’t clear up. It was over it’s eyes at one point but that’s a bit better. I’ve used methylene blue As directed by the pet shop I bought the fish from and by the box. I can’t find a straight answer of what’s going on anywhere on the internet etc. Also having a white/see through poo which I was told I was overfeeding and I’ve backed off so to speak and no improvement? Any helpful advice will be greatly appreciated trust me.. It’s on my mind constantly. Thanks ✌🏻