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  • Posted on: 15/4 1:29
Re: New tank Stocking advice #1
Thank you very much. I think you're right with the cardinals plus I checked my lfs and they dont do neons now due to the sickness but their cardinals look very healthy. Just need to get this tank cycled now lol

Nyxie Nyxie
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  • Posted on: 11/4 21:03
New tank Stocking advice #2
Hi. So years ago I used to be an avid fish keeper with 3 main tanks and a few odd bobs. However that was a decade ago and I fear I've forgotten a lot!

Ive decided to set up a 200L tank again.
I have an external filter - allpondsolutions 1400+UV
My tank is still cycling at the moment so I'm a few weeks from fish yet but doesn't hurt to plan ahead. (UV off atm I think that's right??)

I really like the idea of lots of small fish. I'm setting up the tank as a sensory centre for a disabled member of the family so I'm wanting something active and colourful.

So I'm thinking of a predominantly neon tetra tank.

I use a python for water changes so I plan to eventually have a fairly well stocked.

Of course I'll add the fish slowly small school at a time.
I'm just looking for ideas on stocking numbers. I've used calculators but I never want to rely on them.

My ideas are :
mainly neon tetras possibly cardinals?
How many will fit in 200l?
Some shrimp to give the layered look of high/mid water activity and floor activity?
Some sort of solitary catfish or algae eater? Maybe?

Any ideas welcome. I dont want lots of different fish I ideally want a beautiful school.
Thanks in advance