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Cyprinid Cyprinid
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  • Posted on: 24/7/2015 22:14
Silencing noisy filter on tank in Bedroom #1
Made a big mistake with my tank, its in the bedroom and it came with an Aquaone trickle filter which was noisy enough to wake the dead, So I bought a Fluval U3 on advice from the local fish store, its quiet but takes up loads of room , does not filter the bottom half of the tank and now I find its not actally big enough for my 127 litre tank.

So I grovelled to the wife and admitted my mistake and she said I can get an external power filter, asked in three local shops what they recommended for my tank ( in my bedroom) and they all suggested a Fluval 206. So ?85 later I gets it home, sets it up, then proceed for the next eleven hours to try and make it QUIET. Which joker said they were nearly silent?

I got rid of the clattering noise by fitting an O ring to the turbine shaft, I spent two more hours getting the air out which stopped the rushing noise, but it still hums like a squadron of mosquitoes on LSD.

Soooo I was thinking about (A) Shooting it with my crossbow and (B) encapsulating in in a DIY soundproof box made from aluminium foil covered 50 mm insulating foam. Has anyone else found ways of silencing filters like putting them in sound proof containers , if so what did you do?

I dare not ask the wife for more money to buy something else besides I've lost all faith in the Fishkeeping shops in Durham and Teesside.

Cyprinid Cyprinid
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  • Posted on: 2/7/2015 9:10
Re: Considering modifying my Fluval U3 ? #2
Thanks chaps youre advice is wise and useful.

Cyprinid Cyprinid
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  • Posted on: 1/7/2015 15:00
Considering modifying my Fluval U3 ? #3
So chaps and chappeses, I have this Aqua One Ecostyle 81 tank set up and its filter is a FLUVAL U3 nice, efficient, powerful, silent, and three stage.

But there is one draw back and it is that the filter is mounted just under the surface of the tank to get the best flow and surface agitation for 0xygen exchange, this leaves the lowest part of the filter intakes ( located on the sides of the canister) some 8 inches above the bottom of the tank and accordingly much of the lower part of the tank does not appear to be getting cleaned and detritus is liberally coating the sand.

Fluval don't make one so I was thinking of making a DIY spray bar and connecting it with a piece of hose to the pumps upper outlet, then I can push the pump itself much deeper into the tank in order to get the filter intake as near to the bottom as I can.

Do you chaps think this is Ok has anyone else done anything similar or do you have a viable alternative that does not involve me buying a new pump?

Cheers M'dears ?

Cyprinid Cyprinid
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  • Posted on: 30/6/2015 21:14
Could I be overstocked ? #4
Hi guys looking for some advice I've got an Aqua one EcoStyle 81 tank of some 127 litre capacity ( bout 28 gallon) its filtered by a Fluval U3 and the water runs between 72 and 74 degrees.

In it I have
15 white Cloud mountain Minnow
5 Platys
1 panda garra.

I would like to add some Rosey Shiners and a couple of Peppered Corys but I don't know what is a sensible stocking level?

Comments please gratefully accepted