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johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Posted on: 18/3/2015 23:03
Re: community fish #1
I do not wish to discuss this topic again on this post.
And for reference, although again I believe you are putting your point across as if you was a school teacher talking to a child, my nitrate levels are below 20 Ppm, through good management, all other parameters are well within acceptable limits, including all the readings regarding your previous point.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 18/3/2015 19:53
Re: community fish #2
OK, love being quoted on previous replies.
Your replies are rather condescending, there are those out there that are prepared to learn good fishkeeping, and there are those who like yourselves seem hellbent on talking down to people, we are here to learn, not be treated like children, we sometimes make mistakes.
Let's look at some of today's community fish, some have been bred here in the UK, never having caught site of what's natural to them, they are bred in all sorts of water chemistry, soft/hard, you name it, that's a fact of profit verses loss and ignorance.
Why would you assume I know nothing about fishkeeping.
Why would you assume my filtration is not able to cope with my setup, you don't know that.
Why are you giving me a lesson in keeping lake Malawi cichlid's, I already know this.
Why are you asking me about my water parameters, I've already told you they are perfect, why ask about my nitrates, these are not the questions I asked, they are merely observations of my own tank, and the maintenance I carry out.
With the clown loaches now at their new home, why do you assume my tank is still overstocked, and if you go by your second and latest formula, 2 inches per gallon, then I am way under stocking limit, unless of course your fish sizes are different to what I'm getting on the pages I visit.
I'm disappointed that I asked a decent question on here relating to stocking more fish in my tank, and your replies fall well short of being helpful.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 17/3/2015 22:06
Re: community fish #3
OK, thanks fishlady, wasn't expecting that answer.
The formula for in your words the rough and ready 1" of fish per gallon rule would be considered old school with today's setups, not forgetting the fact, if you keep Malawi successfully, you must over stock.
What do we think happens when we overstock, I think personally fish suffer, they become stressed diseased and in the short term die. Yes you are right, the clown loaches were a mistake, I have already made provisions for their safe removal to a new home, in a species only tank.what should I expect to see long term, my filter is efficient my water parameter's are perfect, my setup is more than capable of supporting my current level.
My fish are healthy, they eat well, they have life plants, they are heath checked better than I am at my doctors.
Are these so called rules applicable with today's setups.
Don't get the impression I am being awkward, there's a debate to be had on that rule we was talking about earlier, that was the point I am making.
But thanks for your answer.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 17/3/2015 20:23
community fish #4
Hi,haven't posted for a while, but look in when I can.
I have a 190 litre corner unit, fully cycled, currently I have 2 dwarf gouramis, 6 albino Cory's, 4 bosemami rainbows, 4 dwarf rams, 1 L169, 2 sailfin molly's, 2 black and white molly's, 3 juvenile clown loaches, (I know these will eventually outgrow my tank) and 2 other juvenile fish I forget the name of.
Whilst I believe I could get another few fish in without causing problems, my parameters are spot on, what fish would you good people suggest.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 27/2/2015 18:21
Re: moved from cold water to here. #5
OK, thanks James, with regards the built-in unit, well that was decommissioned today, I used all the media from the old filter and reintroduced to the new....actually the same media as been used in several filters and only occasionally lightly rinsed in old changed aquarium water, it was not left to stand for more than 5 minutes, so I'm comfortable the filter will work fine.
Agree the clowns do grow bigger than what I first believed, but we have a very good swopping website locally that usually accommodate large fish, there is always someone looking for fish that are large, the same as there's always someone that as a bigger tank than yours, lol.
Regarding the gouramis, they seem fine, I have certainly checked out all parameters, they meet the necessary requirement for gouramis, and they seem fine. I will monitor carefully the interaction between them and act accordingly if problems arise.
But thanks a lot, its kind of you to reply, and I will certainly try to get this right.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Posted on: 27/2/2015 17:46
Re: moved from cold water to here. #6
Gosh, 84 people read this,and no one as ever kept one.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 26/2/2015 20:25
moved from cold water to here. #7
This is my first post here, although not my first post on this site. Kept goldfish until lately, so posted there.
Here goes.... Bought a new setup a couple of weeks ago, trigon 190 litre corner unit, fluval 406 filter, etc etc.
Luckliy I was able to carry out a fishless cycle, using my media from my recently retired goldfish tank, so cycling was a lot easier than last time.
Currently my ammonia is 0, my nitrites are 0 and my nitrates are about 20 ppm.
My parameters have been stable, even introducing 6 young tropicals last Sunday....3 dwarf gouramis and 3 clown loaches.
Now the problem, the gouramis seem well settled in their new surroundings, but the clowns with the exception of the first day have basically gone AWOL.
Perhaps I should mention the tank is heavily planted with live plants, and supported by bogwood with a little stone, the sandy substrate has a layer of fertilised soil medium below it, which had no effect on my normal pH.
I think its possible the clowns are hiding under the built in filter Heater box.....(which incidentally is being decommissioned this weekend, now the canister should be seeded with the beneficial bacteria.)
Don't really want to loose my plants or bogwood, so are my to assume that the clown loaches are going to be strangers in my tank, one thing that does bother me, is I seldom see them scavenging, or even eating at all, when the do appear they look healthy and seem very much OK.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Posted on: 25/2/2015 21:42
Re: Right, I'm out of here. #8
Sorry for that Goldy, it was my light hearted go at a joke.
Really loving the tropicals, its taken up a fair bit of my wife and my time, but we're loving it.
We are lucky, we have an independent fish importer close to our home, is stock is excellent, and is held in high regard.
We still have common goldfish in our garden pond, which got to big for the house aquarium, they are many years old, but still healthy.
Its going to be a steep learning curve crossing borders, but we are looking forward to it.
Originally we were going to go down the cichlid route, but after researching and setting up a planted aquarium, cichlids are not the fish you want in a planted unit.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Posted on: 25/2/2015 20:37
Right, I'm out of here. #9
Haven't been here long, posted a few times and had good thanks for that.
After a fair gap and many years of keeping goldfish, I recently rescued a neglected goldfish, one of my topics will show its quite an expensive game when buying new aquaria, at least it was for me, but needs are must.
Anyway, after further getting back into keeping fish, I struck a deal with a family friend to take my rescued fish, someone I could trust to look after it.
After spending a few bob on a 125 litre aquarium, a decent canister filter and everything that went with it, not to mention the endless water changes that went with a fish in cycle, I sold most of it, (at a loss, lol and gave the fish away.
So why am I out of here...... Well I'm going over to the tropicals, wanted to try it once in my life, and times getting on.
So far, so my cycle perfect, having used the original filter, got a jewel trigon 190 corner unit with live plants and 6 community fish....3 dwarf gouramis and 3 clown loach. Love the gouramis, but the clowns are very shy and don't show that often in the day time.
So yes, I'm off, and yes catch me in the tropicals.
But before I go, thanks to all who gave me good advice, and thanks for regenerating my interest in keeping fish, oh and for costing me a fortune, lol....see you on the other side.

johnmandy johnmandy
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  • Posted on: 15/2/2015 10:16
aquarium backgrounds #10
Hope someone can possibly help.
I'm kind of fed up of aquarium backgrounds that just kind of look not quite right on my aquarium.
Found loads of info on YouTube, relating to backgrounds that you virtually stick on using loads of oil/spray type cleaners that help the background adhere to the glass.
Basically, I'm looking for a company that sells this product.

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