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Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 15/11/2013 18:23
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #1
Right just an update on how its going,

After the wonderful advice from Coralline, I refitted the filter I got from with the tank and left the carbon filter in the tank without its pump.

Been testing the water daily, with todays reading being pH 7.6 Ammonia 0.25ppm NO2- 0.25ppm and NO3- 0.

With the Ammonia going up slightly from zero, will decrease the feeding the fish only slightly.

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 21:18
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #2
oh bloody hell, now got the wrong fish as well.

Thanks for the heads up !

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 20:48
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #3
wow what would I have done without your help !

The staples options seem sensible until I can invest in a more decent sized tank !

Thanks again

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 20:08
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #4
Thank you very much for all the advice, all of which I will be taking on board.

Thanks Goldy for the guide, I went through that at my lunch time at work !

Thanks CB3100, I will certainly avoid P@H and indeed I do have other local shops, one is in the same town as I work, but I was rather put off by the hundreds of goldfish they had in a small cramped tank.

The tank is currently in my two son's bedroom where the room is kept heated with a radiator during the day and night for them, so I am not too worried about the temp, they are indeed temperate species rather than tropical (well thats what P@H sell them as) but I am defo going to invest in a heater for them.

I will certainly look at eBay at local sellers with tanks. I have invested too much into this to give up easily !

I have now done a 50% water change, cleaned out all the gravel, got rid of the old supplied filter with the new one in and removed all the artificial plants with just some ornaments, see image below:

Resized Image

I have tested the water just now with the following results:

pH 7.6
Amonia 0.5
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

So Amonia has gone up slightly.

I will check with the water each day and report back

Its nice to be on a forum with such friendly responses!

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 11:56
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #5
Thanks, I'm at work too just reading in breaks and lunches.

But I appreciate your help.

I will do just that today and leave the fish in. and monitor the water levels each day.

Will update accordingly

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 11:07
Re: New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #6
Hi Coralline,

Thanks for the quick response and help!

Yes it seems I have fallen into the Pets at Home trap with all the reviews on them on the internet.

As much as I want to kick up a fuss with them, I have decided against this.

I have come up with the following action plan for today.

Move the fish into a temporary tank with about 50% of the existing water.

Remove half of the gravel completely from the 24litre tank, and syphon the rest ensuring its clean with no left over food traces.

Remove some artificial plants leaving some of ornauments which act as hiding places.

Put in fresh 50% water in and then transfer the fish back.

The 50% water I put in, should I make this safe prior or straight in with the existing 50% and then include the tap safe product?

I also got some filter boost, am I to put the appropriate ammount of this in aswell?

In regards to the filter, because of funds I cannot upgrade to a better system, at what point shall I remove the old filter and leave the new one running, when I placed the new in the tank on Monday?

Sorry lots of questions !

P.S. I am determined to get this right as I have been quite keen on fish quite a while!

Saj Saj
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  • Posted on: 13/11/2013 9:47
New Tank Setup - Fish Dying #7

New member and need some help please.

I bought this tank on Friday 8th November: ... 24l-by-pets-at-home-92217

This was just something to get me going and get some experience before getting a larger tank.

I left this running without any fish or anything, with the filter in it until Sunday afternoon (following the rubbish advice from Pets at Home about ?3 day cycle?!) and bought 3 Danio?s and 3 Rosy Barb?s.

Overnight on Sunday 10th, one of the Rosy Barb?s died, it was fine when I checked them and I found it dead on Tuesday morning.

I went to Pets at Home, bought the API Master Kit and this new filter: ... er-kit-by-penn-plax-16312

As I believe the provided filter with the tank wasn?t up for the job. I have currently both filters running to allow the new filter to establish before removing the old one.

I tested the water on Monday evening 11th and the pH 7.2, Amonia zero, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate 20ppm. Which from what I understand is acceptable limits.

On Tuesday, I bought 3 more Danio?s and 2 Paradise fish followed the process in getting them into the tank.

On Tuesday 12th, I checked the water levels again, pH 7.2, Amonia zero, Nitrite 0, and Nitrate, between 20ppm to 30ppm.
Now overnight, another Rosy Barb has died.

It was only last night I started to do more research and made the classic newbie mistake of not cycling the tank long enough and just following Pets at Home?s advice of a 3 day cycle which his clearly not enough. I did originally feed the fish too much, but I cleared out the excess using the syphon and net.

I do not want any more of my fish to die and not sure what to do next, the water tests are showing ok however the water is giving a small bit of odour. I have two snails for Algae control

I was planning to do a 20% water change today, do more syphoning of the gravel to clear any much up.

Can anyone give any other advice?
Thanks in advance!