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Scarlett Scarlett
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 15/4/2011 15:50
Re: Hole through fish!!?? #1
Hey, we was looking through our fish book and we found some information that might be helpful...

Symptons: Light coloured, stringy faeces. Some-times the sensory pores on the head become enlarged and filled with pus. Mostly affects cichlids.

It says: It's caused by an internal parasite called Hexamita that normally affects only weakened fish.

Treatement: Prescription drugs; Metronidazole or Di-metronidazole at a rate of 50mg per 4.5 litres. Mix with water prior to use. Repeat the treatment after 3 days.

Hope this helps..


Scarlett Scarlett
  • Just popping in
  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 15/4/2011 15:37
HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!! #2
Hi, our terrapin is really sick, he needs help urgently because he looks like his dieing. We have called vets and they want ridiculous amounts of money to even look at him which we can't afford, so we have turned to the internet for help. He hasn't eaten properly in about 3 or 4 weeks and even when we try hang food infront of him he won't take anything. His eyes have a white film overlaying them and he cannot open them. He hasn't moved from the spot he has been in since he started to become ill which was about a month ago. His skin is white and scaley and flakes off regularly. He keeps opening his mouth as if he is in a lot of pain and asking for help. We keep the tank extremely clean as well as the filter. We don't know what else to do or how to cure him. We are putting vitamin D into the tank which was reccommended by the reptile zoo in Biggin Hill. He has a diet of prawns and fish. If any advice could be given to us urgently we would be more than greateful. Please help. Thanks so much for your time and help. The Welling Family.

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