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Andyroo Andyroo
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 28/7/2010 10:47
Re: Pre-constructed raised wooden pond #1
Many thanks for your replies.

Much appreciated.

Andyroo Andyroo
  • Just popping in
  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 22/7/2010 12:00
Pre-constructed raised wooden pond #2
Dear Fishkeepers

New to the fishkeeping scene but keen to establish a raised pond in our garden. Am a keen coarse angler, so keen on all things piscatorial, and would like to be able to keep a few small fish/plants for our two year old son to watch and grow and care for.

We have limited room and thin soil levels so do not want to excavate but instead have been wondering about locating a pre-constructed wooden raised pond in the garden ..... we have a fairly decent sized slabbed patio area to the side upon which could be located a raised pond.

I have been searching the web to see who produces/makes off the shelf ready constructed wooden ponds (albeit would probably have to be assembled on site) ..... but haven't found much.

A company called Garden Oasis do make such items but I was wondering if anyone else knew of any other sources/manufacturers. ... atures-ponds-c-77_78.html

I appreciate that ponds of this style are perhaps limited with regards to their size and thus what plants/fish you might be able to keep ...... however, I imagine the plus side is that it is a fairly easy first venture into the world of pond keeping.

As mentioned, we have a two year old son, so the safety aspect of a raised pond over a ground level pond is another consideration.

What are peoples views/thoughts, pros/cons of such ponds?

Does anyone out there have such a pond?

What about sizes of available ponds and corresponding plant life and fish that can be kept?

What provision for filtration should I be looking to consider?

Hoping you can help.