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Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 7/6/2011 22:27
Re: Advice needed for tank upgrade #701
Hi all, apologies for being so quiet! Work has been chaos....

News so far: I have decided to go for the 250l tank from All Pond Solutions ( ... s-100cm-four-colours.html), as well as the external filter ( ... ilter-1400-l-h-9w-uv.html)which I will run together with the internal filter that comes with the tank.

I will be getting the tank in 3 weeks, very excited and can't wait to start my fishless cycle! In the meantime my little cutie pie is still happy as, greets me every time I walk in :)
I can't wait to see him in his new home!

Along with the tank and external filter I will definitely be investing in some sinking pellets and an API master test kit! Also some ammonia for the fishless cycle (although what are your opinions on using BioMature instead - as I have heard mixed opinions as to which is better?). I will also have the filter media from my old tank but have a bit of algae in the old tank which I am not keen to spread to the new one so not sure whether to use it in the new tank's filter or not?? Any advice??

No sights set on new fishies just yet, want to get everything up and running and then let my fish settle in properly first. I will look into other fish once I am sure he is happy and healthy in his new home :)

Well that's pretty much where I am at. I am going to try and document the whole process once I get the tank so will keep you all updated. Thanks again for all the help, wouldn't be able to do this without all the expert advice!

Brig and Fish :)

Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 26/5/2011 10:06
Re: Advice needed for tank upgrade #702
Thanks again for such quick replies. Right, just fancies then! Would additional fish also need to be orandas or would any of the fancies also work?

He doesn't actually have a name at the moment, sad I know! In the beginning when he looked so unwell I didn't name him as I didn't want to get too attached, so just called him Fish to start with....after that I was waiting til I found something that suited him but Fish kind of stuck and so I am still without a name for him! Will have to choose one soon, especially if he is getting a friend. He is beautiful isn't he? Such pretty colouration :)

Will have a look for sinking pellets then, and will raid the freezer too! Thanks for the suggestions.

I really do like the idea of the 250l tank, it is no wider than the 180l I looked at so it would fit fine in my little flat but at the same time has the added height and volume so I think will look nicer and give him more room, as well as increase the volume of water to waste!! Will still look around in case I find anything better but its looking like the best option so far.

Any suggestions on whether I need a heater or not for the tank? One of the articles I read said fancies prefer slightly warmer water than single tailed goldfish? Our flat sits at between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius, possibly slightly warmer in hottest of summer days. Haven't used one in the small tank, but wasn't sure if the big one might need heating in winter to keep the temp up?

Thanks again

Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 26/5/2011 8:24
Re: Advice needed for tank upgrade #703
Wow! Thank you everyone for your replies! To answer Suey and Miss pril: he is getting ordinary goldfish flake food and freeze-dried daphnia, I try to alternate these and also include some bits of lettuce when I have it. I was not aware of needing to soak foods prior to feeding though, which I have now learnt from this site! So he has been feeding from the surface, but so far have not noticed any swim bladder/buoyancy issues? I have seen him swimming and resting at various levels in the tank, and rearranging his gravel at the bottom so hopefully he has no issues there.

Coolboy, thank you very much for your suggestion of the filter, I have read your review and it looks good. I had been looking at the Fluval 305 that Miss pril mentioned, but may reconsider? Which tanks do you all have? In my original post I was torn between the Juwel Rio 180 and the Fluval Roma 200, I was leaning more towards the Fluval but have read a lot of bad reviews mentioning leaks and bowing of the cabinet/doors sticking. I have also been trawling EBay quite extensively but most of the tanks listed that meet my requirements are too far away for me to collect :( will keep looking though.

Coolboy after your suggestion of All Pond Solutions filter I had a quick look at their website and they also do some very reasonable tank/cabinet combos!
2 caught my eye as they are the same length as the Juwel and Fluval, 100cm (which is as big as I can go really in the space I have) but have a bigger volume: one is 230l and the other 250l. And they are the same price as what the Juwel/Fluval are! I have added the links below, would anyone mind giving their opinion? If these are decent I might consider going for one of these and adding the All Pond Solutions external filter to it. I am sure the greater volume will be even more appreciated by my fish! ... s-100cm-four-colours.html ... s-100cm-four-colours.html

Thank you all for your comments on the cuteness of my fish, I love him to bits and think he's adorable, and its so nice to hear you all think he is too!

Thanks also for the advice on decor and plants Suey and Miss pril, I will be investing in a background I think and some lovely live plants, I will try and get them when I get the tank so they have time to establish before he goes in, and will have a look for the pea gravel you mentioned.

Lastly, just a quick question regarding something someone suggested to me recently - I know you have said that another goldie is the best company for him, and obviously this will depend on the size of tank I ultimately get, but does this mean that there are no other fish that are suitable to be kept with a fancy goldfish? I definitely want to get him a friend, but someone had said to me that swordtails or white cloud mountain minnows are also old water fish and might do well in his tank too. So I wanted to ask your advice on this - are these suitable to put with fancies? If so, would something like that 250l tank be enough to hold the 2 fancies and a few of either swords or minnows? Or is this idea just ridiculous altogether?

Thanks very much for all your help! I really appreciate it!


Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 25/5/2011 22:12
Re: Advice needed for tank upgrade #704
Thanks very much for the advice! Will have a good look around for other tanks. Will definitely aim to get the biggest I possibly can, can't wait. Any other advice from any other goldie experts is welcome! I really want to do this proper;y and need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance :)


Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 24/5/2011 10:43
Re: Advice needed for tank upgrade #705
Hi Noodle

Thanks very much! I am very excited to be getting him a new home, and hopefully a new friend too :) Hopefully with the hep of FK I will have a very happy fish soon!

Brigitte Brigitte
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  • Posted on: 24/5/2011 10:06
Advice needed for tank upgrade #706
I am a newbie and desperately seeking advice on upgrading my goldfish's tank! Bit of background on him (I have no idea whether it is male or female but have always):

I inherited this goldfish when my boyfriend and I took on a live-in position in Surrey - our accommodation came fully furnished, complete with goldfish bowl!! The previous occupant had obviously decided to leave him behind :(
Having never kept fish before, I had no idea how to look after him properly but even I could see he was miserable in that tiny bowl, he spent his entire time at the surface gasping for air and I was terrified he would die on me. So the first thing we did after moving in was go down to the local pet store and having explained the predicament to the owner, he sold us a 21L tank with an internal filter which he said was suitable for the fish. At that stage we knew nothing about cycling tanks prior to stocking etc, and as the fish looked so unhappy in the bowl, we filled the new tank straight up with water of the same temperature (treated with tap safe first) and after a few hours suspended in his new home to acclimatise, in he went.

As far as we can tell, he is an oranda, normal orange colouration, and is about 2 inches long excluding his tail. Like I said we are not sure whether he is a male or not but referring to him as an 'it' just seemed wrong :). We have tried to work out how old he is but have drawn a blank - when we first arrived we asked around the other staff and got comments like "Is that fish STILL there??" - it seems he has been passed from one inhabitant of the room to the next, and what with staff turnover, no-one could tell us exactly when he first came to live there. But it seems he had been there for at least a few years by the time we moved in, and always in the tiny bowl :(. Size-wise I am not sure how to age him, or whether he would have not grown due to tiny cramped conditions?

This leads me to my real dilemma....we now have a little flatlet, not huge but far better than a single room, and want to upgrade him to a bigger tank. I have been trying to do my research properly this time, and came across this site with a wealth of advice! And I am ashamed of my ignorance!! I have been doing fairly well in the respect of feeding regimes and regular partial water changes etc, but I was amazed at the minimum recommended tank size for a fish like him! So far he has always seemed a very happy fish - he is fairly active and follows what seems to be normal behaviour - swimming at various different levels within the tank, foraging/excavating the gravel at the bottom, resting in his hiding spot behind the rock, and doing his hungry dance whenever I walk in the room - I have been super careful not to overfeed though!

I had been looking around for some nice big tanks and had found a couple that I really liked, and wanted to ask for people's opinions here. Originally I looked at these 2 and couldn't decide between them: ... um-and-cabinet-black.html ... abinet-oak-and-wenge.html

But now that I have read up a bit more I am wondering whether to rather go for the next size up? ... um-and-cabinet-beech.html ... abinet-oak-and-wenge.html

I think the last 2 links are about as big as I can go given the small size of our flat, but we wanted to try and get something big enough to maybe add another fish?

So my basic questions are:

1. Which tank would you recommend? I am not worried about the look or brand name of the tank so much as the functionality and ease of access to spares, upgrading filters etc so other tank recommendations are also welcome! Also, any advice on tank decor would be great eg. sand vs gravel, live vs fake plants etc - again I am not worried about aesthetics, I want what will be most suitable for the fish and hopefully not too difficult to maintain too!

2. Would I be able to add any other fish? If so, what kinds? I am not sure how compatible this fish is with other species so would really appreciate any advice on species and stocking rates etc!

3. Would I need to add an external filter to the tank, and if so, is this possible with both brands? And what size/power of filter should I go for?

I have uploaded a picture of the fish when we first put him in the 21L tank (we did not yet have a plant but added one shortly after. Its not a great picture as he is fairly active and my camera's not great so I apologise for the blurry image! He hasn't grown since we have had him - not sure whether this is good or bad....

Any advice is greatly appreciated! I don't want to be ignorant this time round...

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