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BoxOfDemons BoxOfDemons
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 14/5 22:57
Runny and cardinal schooling only during day. #71
Not really an issue just something I've noticed as a new fishkeeper I have around 12 cardinal tetras and 6 rummy-nose tetras have noticed during the day they tend to school and swim together

but on a night time after 7 hours of light they all seem to swim individually all over the tank and picking a bit of wood and trying to find bits of wood in the plants is this normal behaviour for tetras?

Not complaining as the tank looks beautiful and full and there's always something interesting to watch I also wondered whether there was a certain light spectrum that would make these fish pop a little bit as my aqua sky 2.0 seems a little bit bright and they seem to get lost in the bright lights.

Roma 240 tank

2010 2010
  • Home away from home
  • Home away from home
  • Posted on: 14/5 9:28
Considering a solar pump / fountain? #72
If you are thinking of buying a solar fountain you may want to watch this video

fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: 13/5 14:23
Re: Help! Guppies dying #73
The presence of 0.25 ammonia and 0 nitrates suggests the tank wasn't properly cycled - efficacy of beneficial bacteria in a bottle is very hit-and-miss (in contrast to fishless cycle using ammonia). [Ensure you shake nitrate bottle very hard before using as sometimes inaccurate.] ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm might be helpful.

Treatment-wise, some fish tolerate salt better than others. Your best option is to keep ammonia/nitrite/nitrates at 0/0/20, and increase water changes to 25% to ensure getting rid of things water quality tests can't measure (eg stress hormones).

PH isn't always indicative of water hardness levels - guppies don't do well in soft water which may be another possibility accounting for the problem. Check your water supplier website for your postcode to find out what it is. If you've limescale in your kettle, though, that indicates hard water which guppies need.

fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: 13/5 14:13
Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment #74
Will need to be brief, so apologies in advance:
* dose is cumulative and can become problematic to attempt to compensate (may result in overdose); best not to do water change for duration of treatment course but to monitor ammonia/nitrite/nitrates and only do water change if levels >0/0/20 at any stage (and do a partial water change prior to dosing);
* returning fish to main tank (from medicated to non-medicated back to medicated tank) may shock the fish, and so another reason for not doing this;
* if leaving one fish in main tank, beneficial bacteria will pare back to only become sufficient to sustain one fish, so take extra care that when tank is re-stocked with all 3, to monitor ammonia/nitrite/nitrates daily for next 4-8 weeks in case at least a mini fish-in cycle is underway.

merpig merpig
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 12/5 22:25
Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment #75
In all honesty I’m not seeing any difference with the diet, other than them enjoying it! The swim bladder problems are at a very manageable level at the moment so I’m hoping the repashy and veggies keep that fish ticking over.

Today the kanaplex arrived so I’ve decided to crack on with it, since it looks like using it in conjunction with metroplex could be unwise. I’ll use the metroplex if the issues don’t clear with kanaplex.

Having filled the 90l tub it only really holds 70l so I’ve decided to treat the more obviously symptomatic two together first - that being the lethargic sand eater (!) and the bottom sitter, and leave the one with swim bladder to maintain the cycle and treat him after the other two.

Quick questions:

- directions on kanaplex say treat every other day for 3 doses but I’d intended to wc at least every other day. Is the dose of the kanaplex cumulative or will those water changes not make a difference to the dose?

- I was going to pop the two in the tub back in the tank while I change the tub water every day/every other day. Is there any issue with this? Reinfection? I figure that whatever is in the tank will still be there after they finish their whole treatment and their immune systems will need to deal with it once they’ve recovered so it wouldn’t make a difference?

Thanks again!

CBana CBana
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 12/5 14:52
Help! Guppies dying #76
I had 6 male guppies all from the same store. I have had my setup for 4 months (tank was cycled for 1 week using beginner bacteria) 1 died (which was expected).
All fish were doing fine until 3 weeks ago, now each week another is dying all with different symptoms if any at all and there doesn't appear to be signs of infection.

My tank is 57 litres, it is the fluvel flex (15 US gallons)
Water conditions are
Ph- 7.8
Ammonia- 0.25ppm
Nitrites- 0ppm
Nitrates- 0ppm
I am using API master test kit

Note I also have live plants that seem to be wilting, I do 10% water change each week, I have also tried salts and syphoning gravel.

fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: 12/5 14:49
Re: Massive water change #77
It sounds as though the cycle has 'crashed'. 90%+ of the beneficial bacteria is housed in the filter media itself, and a comparatively small proportion on the decor and in the substrate (especially if the gravel layer is thick). The full water change per se is unlikely to have caused a problem but the filter failure and subsequently the stirring-up of the gravel (and potentially pockets of gases in it) are almost certainly the problem. The trace of ammonia and the 0 nitrate (ordinarily nitrates ought to be a bit above that) almost certainly confirms this. Follow the advice in this ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm as it's essentially the same as what needs to be done for the fish-in cycle that you're now faced with.

Keep monitoring ammonia, nitrite and nitrate daily for the next 6-8 weeks until you get through that cycle. Don't, under any circumstances, be tempted to get any more fish during this time.

If the last 3 fish survive the fish-in cycle, you'll need to seriously consider a bigger tank that meets the requirements of the fish you have left (check ... sheet.php?caresheetID=100 and ... resheet.php?caresheetID=1 and and adding to the shoals as required, etc.

Hope that helps.

Jackbridgeland Jackbridgeland
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 12/5 12:46
Re: Cory catfish red mark #78
Yeah they are all happy and snuffling around. The redness seems to have gone down alot today so must have been as you said. 7 have been in the tank about a month the other came with the tank and he is huge compared to the rest

carriescrafts carriescrafts
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 12/5 11:07
Massive water change #79
Help needed. We have a 30l tank that had 3 Otto's, 3 rasboas and three tetras. Had been ticking along quite nicely. I've been poorly and so haven't been in charge of taking care of the tank for a month or so. When I came to it last week the water was really really murky. I went to do a serial water change as an urgent mesure And noticed the filter was making an odd sound. Long story short, it wasn't working properly. I managed to get a new filter but there was loads of waste in the water/gravel and so I decided to do a full water change. I rinsed the gravel lightly, put some of the filter media from the old to the new and set it all back up.

I am now down to one tetra and 2 Otto's. The rasboas were gasping at the surface the day after the change.

Do I look at it as a new tank and cycle again? Or is there a specific way to deal with the tank from this point on.


Oh I have been testing the water daily since and trace ammonia (did a small 10% change) no nitrate/nitrite showing

Fishlady Fishlady
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: 12/5 8:48
Re: New biorb owners #80
Unfortunately, the problem is that the tank is much too small for two goldfish and its filter is inadequate. Goldfish are dirty fish anyway and will grow to at least 8 inches long so need something much larger with strong filtration. For the two of them you need about a 180-litre tank in the long term. Have a look at this article: ... -size-life-expectancy.htm

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