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taziker taziker
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  • Posted on: 30/10/2006 19:25
Re: I am setting up a marine Bi-orb. #451
The bi-orb update.

Ok i've set the tank up, got the mixture correct, put 2.5k of live rock in. I plan to put some more in at the weekend.

The live rock has already started to mature, Out of what looks like a small pipe, a red fan like growth has popped out, quite comical really watching it, as it comes out of its pipe real slow, then shoots back in at the blink of an eye. Any idea what it is?

I've purchased a large bucket with a lid on, and have set up a water mixture, added a heater and small pump to the bucket. I'll be using that for the water changes.

I know you all hate me for setting up the orb, but I have too, and that be that

I'm just gunna run another water test now because I believe at first the water condition can change rapidly.

Just keep throwing advise at me, and i'll take it all onboard.

I'll keep this thread going with updates on this ....erm, is experiment a fair term?

thanks guys.

taziker taziker
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  • Posted on: 28/10/2006 22:40
Re: I am setting up a marine Bi-orb. #452
yes its my first.

Just because I'm new to this, doesnt mean I'm gunna blow the roof off the house or anything.

I've done a lot of revising using the internet.

I've come for your help just to ensure the fish live long lives, being as happy as possible.

Its crap that im using a biorb, but its what I have to use.

cheers fish head [quote]

taziker taziker
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  • Posted on: 28/10/2006 22:28
Re: I am setting up a marine Bi-orb. #453

it is a 30.

I can hear your professional opinion.

Also today, I visited Urmstom aquatics who are succsessfully running bi orb marine tanks.

I agree with the seahorse business though.. they should be kept only at sea life centres.

but can still be bought, I was never happy with the thought of keeping a seahorse and will sort that out with my GF.

After I got my GF the bi-orb for her birthday, I went out and bought a larger 96 litre tank and stand second hand (with a black stand that she hates hmmm) because we overstocked the fish in the orb, thus she went into a strop because the tank looked better when stocked,so all the fish from the orb, went into the larger tank.

She then decided that the only way I could make it up to her is to make the orb marine and but nemos in it.

I'm doing this to stop the friction in my relationship lol. but seriously, I have to use her orb, thats the rules I've been given, and thats that.

thats why i'm asking you guys, the best way to do it, as its going to happen anyway regardless.

I do care about the fish that are going into it, and I'll put my foot down where the seahorses are concerned, but thats as far as my power over her can go.

Also, I've put a lot of money into this now....I ask, why are women so difficult???

As for the orginal post, The tank is going to be set up, so all your advise on making it work and keeping the fish that will go in it, in good health would be appreciated.

I care about the fish that will be going into it, as I do the other tank, as I do the hamster farm I have....grr

My GF, when she was younger, her parents always kept fish, and since I wont get rid of my 100 or so russian and robo hamsters, WILL have the fish. It will be down to me to ensure the live happy and healthy, so I need you guys to help me :)

thanks again.

taziker taziker
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  • Posted on: 28/10/2006 21:39
I am setting up a marine Bi-orb. #454
hey guys.

I'm mid way thru setting up a marine bi-orb (I know its not an ideal tank, but my GF wants it done in a biorb so thats the way it has to be).

I've been advised that I dont need a skimmer so long as Live rock goes into the tank and regular water changes are made.

Anyway. I'm here to ask your advise as I'm setting up the tank to ensure the best chance for the clown fish (2) and seahorse that will be put into the tank once set up fully.

Heres what i've done already.

Completely washed the biorb, and other parts with hot water.
Washed and treated the ceramic media for the bottom of the orb.
-i've examined the orb, and noticed due to its filtration system you cant use sand
Placed a new filter into the orb, and put the ceramic media into the bottom of the tank.
Filled the orb with treated water.
Set going the pump and heater.
Added marine salt.
-I've checked it with my hydrometer and its in 'the green'
Added two pieces of live Rock (about 3/4 kilo) may need/want to add more

I'm going to leave it running for a week now and then check the water with a marine test kit.

Have I missed anything?
What else could I add to decorate the orb?
Can you add too much Live Rock?



taziker taziker
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  • Posted on: 13/10/2006 19:52
protein filters - clownfish #455
hi all.

ok after the bi-orb fiasco that I had (waste of money) my tropical fish are set up in a larger, but not as attractive tank.

I've set up another tank which I wish to keep clownfish Amphiprion Percula type in.

I've filled the tank with water(another Juwel tank), treated it added a full new set of pads (5 pads carbon nitrate etc), and set it off pumping, started 4 days ago.

I'm in no rush to add fish as I want to ensure that the tank is perfect.

I've made a shopping list of stuff i'm going to pick up.

digtal thermometer
test kits, ph, salinity, ammonia, nitrite & nitrate
correct salt to add to the water.
various tank decoration inc live rock and an anemone or two.

I've read about protein skimmers, I dont have a sump system setup so I would figure I need an in tank skimmer.

questions in no particular order

my first question is, the skimmer, is it needed? and why do I need it?

second question, I will be eventualy getting 4 clownfish, I believe algae can be a problem in marine tanks, is there marine algae eaters (sucker fish!) that wont bother the clownfish, and wont be bothered by the clownfish?

whats the correct amount of aquarium salt you put in per litre?

I'm hoping to try and breed the clownfish, I take it the clownfish would defend their eggs against the 'sucker fish', would they just 'shoo' them off or go all out attack and kill them?

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