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  • Posted on: 13/11 6:51
Re: Anyone near Warrington ? #31
OK thanks fella !

AmiJane AmiJane
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  • Posted on: 12/11 21:06
Aqua One or Juwel?? #32
After an absence of over 10 years I’m looking to get back into keeping fish again. However rather than cold water looking to go tropical. Been lurking in the background doing a lot of reading.

Currently looking at an Aqua One 110 or the Juwel Lido 120. Had a Juwel before but wondering what current views/recommendations are please??

Aqua One would go better with my furniture but obviously the fish come first!

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  • Posted on: 11/11 15:41
Re: BioOrb Fish Dead #33
Thanks for the advice. We did do the fishless cycle and have all the measuring equipment in so know the quality of water is fine. The photo on the front of one of the boxes for the BioOrb is of small fish and we asked the Aquarium specialist what we should have and she said these minnows would be good. She also said we could have a lot more than 6! We know now that is not right and will keep the 4 minnows as they seem OK but if i notice they seem unhealthy at all, for their own sakes, I will return them to the shop and get what you recommended instead. BioOrb UK replied to say the rocks it comes with should stop small fish getting in the filter which is ridiculous! We have stuffed extra into the holes and have had 2 days now where the fish have not gone into the filter and are awaiting the tube surround to stop it happening again. They are now the most checked four fish ever!

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  • Posted on: 11/11 12:38
Re: Extremely urgent advice needed - desparate ! #34
thank you

as you can see there is nothing immediately standing out

my fintail is still alive ( or was this morning ) but I don't hold out much hope

one thing I have noticed is that the heater seems to vary the temperature - ive ordered a digital heater that hopefully is a bit more consistent

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  • Posted on: 10/11 22:12
The filter media in the new/temporary tank would need to be cycled, otherwise there is the possibility that the fish will be experiencing the effects of ammonia. To do this (if you haven't already), all you would need to do is move a small portion of the filter media from the main tank's filter into the new tank's filter. In essence, the main tank's filter will have enough filter media to process the waste of its inhabitants, so, if you move across roughly the appropriate percentage of that filter media for the two pregnant guppies, that should suffice (e.g. if there are 8 guppies altogether including the 2 pregnant ones, then move across ~25% of the filter media into the new tank's filter).

Is the filter outflow particularly strong .v. the size of the tank? I've had fish hide by the filter due to being buffeted about by a strong outflow, and have addressed this by either turning down the flow or putting a small piece of filter media over the outflow nozzle to reduce the strong output.

As you have rocks/plants and potential hiding places for them, I can't think of any other particular reason for their behaviour, other than possibly wondering where their tankmates are (but I do think you've done the correct move by moving them across to give birth in peace) or possibly nervousness about the impending births.

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  • Posted on: 10/11 21:59
Re: Extremely urgent advice needed - desparate ! #36
This issue is now being discussed/addressed at: ... wtopic.php?post_id=348948

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  • Posted on: 10/11 21:57
Re: Extremely urgent advice needed - desparate ! #37
Thanks - these answers are really helpful.

I'll admit I'm perplexed here too - there is nothing from what you've described that is ringing alarm bells for me. [I'm assuming it's ammonia/NH3 and nitrite/NO2 that you've provided results for, and that your nitrate/NO3 isn't higher than 20ppm above your tap water nitrate levels.] I'll keep having a think but hope that's of some tiny consolation in the interim. I just hope I - or someone else - will be able to come up with a more helpful suggestion to prevent any further fatalities, though...

I wonder if an interim measure might be:
* to do a small daily water change of say ~10%. Rather than a full substrate-siphoning water change, the simple removal of a few jugfuls of water and replacement with dechlorinated water daily might help dilute anything that may be present in the water that isn't detectable via home-testing kits such as fishes' stress hormones which may be being released given the current situation (whatever it is);
* to do a quick internet search to check if your water/utility website has mentioned any particular treatment works taking place recently that might account for this.

Fingers crossed that I or someone else may be able to suggest something else in due course...

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  • Posted on: 10/11 20:40
Re: Extremely urgent advice needed - desparate ! #38
for completeness I should add

I have an led light and it dims slowly at night and the tank is set for 'moon light'..... when I go to bed I turn it to off

in the morning the light is set to simulate sun rise although I don't usually leave the light on at all if I'm not home as I hate algae ( I have no algae ) the tank is not in direct sun light

I have a pregnant sailfin and a pregnant platy

they get a small sprinkle of King British tropical flake a day and once a week either a defrosted cube of mini blood worm or brimeshrimp + garlic ( both by gamma ) but not with flake food
they eat the plants !

the snails were 1 stripy and three bunny snails ( but they have been removed due to treatments )

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  • Posted on: 10/11 20:37
I’ve had a bunch of guppies for a while now, two of the females are pregnant and we’ve moved them into a new tank. Since moving the guppies are just hiding by the filter at the very top of the tank.

I wanted them to be away from the males so they had the opportunity to birth. There’s plenty of rocks/plants/etc. for them to hide in so this seems strange. Could it just be stress from moving? Or have I made a bad choice?

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  • Posted on: 10/11 20:33
Re: Extremely urgent advice needed - desparate ! #40

thank you for replying - really appreciate it

I use NT Labs tester kit

ammonia (NH3) is 0
PH is 6.5 - 7
nitrate (nH2) is 0
general hardness is GH 180 ( its a hard water area )
temp is 26.7 c

filter is juwel ( fitted in the tank ) - I have green filter sponge and black filter sponge and ceramic bio rings ( although I have recently removed one of the sponges and put in activated carbon when I switched from melafix to esha 2000 ( with a 48 hours interval ) - I rinse the sponges out in water taken out of the tank about once a month during a water change

I do a 20 % once a week but have been doing one every 4 -5 days since this problem started - its been going on for about 8 weeks

some of the inhabitant have been in for over 12 - 6 months - some a few weeks - those that have died have been a mix of time spent - this tank itself has been where it is now, the kitchen for probably 4 years and Ive never had issues ( it had goldfish in at one stage ) and before this tank there was another smaller tank which was there for 3 years - so all in there has been a tank in this kitchen ( which is a big kitchen for some 7 years and it is no where near any cooking stations such as the cooker / toaster etc ) - the tank has a tight fitting lid ( as the tetras jump out ! ) and there are snails usually but I have moved them

as the tank is in the kitchen - it is seen by me all the time ! I'm aware that I have busy fish and placid fish but its well stocked with plants and hiding places plus I don't think its over stocked

those that have died have not been bullied as far as I can see and they have never displayed any signs of such, such as raggy tails etc

I don't use air freshners etc or anything like that

the sailfin is now separated in little tank within the main tank - he is more upright than horizontal and resting to one side - he seems to be gasping and struggling to balance - there is a aerator the entire length of the tank and a large air stone - ive positioned the air stone closer to the small tank to give the sailfin its benefit

ive treated with esha 2000 today and will do the repeat does tomorrow - I have put therapeutic doseage of salt

this lunch time the sailfin was fine - swimming around - this evening as he is described ( the swordtail went the same way and I had video just by chance - the aquatic places ive visited were perplexed as the swordtail is clearly swimming about perfectly normally at 12 and by 4.30 on its side - by 8 pm dead )

I'm wondering if there is something in the tank which is stressing them and allowing latent disease to take hold - but if so why so quick ? only one fish goes this way at a time an all the other fish are fine and I'm confused as to why one of a pair will go and the other be totally unaffected

thank you

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