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  • Posted on: 11/7 15:30
Tank stocking advice #31
Hi everyone,

I posted here a long time ago about fishless cycling and the many issues I was having with it. Well, life got in the way but I have now been able to successfully cycle my tank and am the proud owner of 6 neon tetra! They arrived on Sunday and have been playing around the filter like mad. They seem to enjoy the tank.

I have a 54L tank and was thinking about another 4-6 tetras, 3 albino corys and a couple of guppies.

In everyone's experience, does this seem like an alright number to keep in that size of tank?


fcmf fcmf
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  • Posted on: 11/7 15:08
Re: Very sick fish, please help. #32
Thanks for the update. In spite of his 'adventure' involving dry land, the Epsom salt bath/dip appears to be very promising; let's hope that subsequent ones provide further improvement.

A bigger net and possibly even a jug may help transfer Terror e.g. guiding him with the net into the jug, then gradually manoeuvring the jug upright before gently pouring him into the other.

Almost every time I've used eSHa 2000 treatment, I've had to extend the treatment dosage / repeat it - usually I find that results start to appear around Day 5. No guarantee that this will happen in your case but I definitely think it's worth extending the dosage at least another couple of days.

Keep us posted.

fcmf fcmf
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  • Posted on: 11/7 14:58
Re: Cardinal tetra bloated? #33
It's difficult to tell whether it's over-eating or eggs or something else that is causing her to bloat.
I had a female x-ray tetra who was very similar to this - in her case, her expanded size was gradual and remained that way and became more extreme gradually, and I put it down to the vast quantities she ate in comparison with everyone else. Sadly, I think it was her obesity that ultimately killed her.
As your water quality and feeding regime sounds good, working out the cause may come down to how sudden the increase in size was. If it was sudden, then it may be worth treating with Epsom salt bath dips to help draw out any excess fluid. If gradual, then it may be over-eating / skill at retrieving the food, in which case it's difficult to know how to treat, other than to reduce feeding or possibly separating her from the others temporarily to give the others the opportunity to eat but which may stress her unnecessarily.

lukenterror lukenterror
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  • Posted on: 11/7 9:57
Re: Very sick fish, please help. #34
OK an update. Terror is now in the 145L Tank, I used half water from his pond half clean treated tap water. I've added some of the plants from his pond too as I read they can get rid of ammonia a bit

The important update however Terror had his first salt bath this morning, 10 minutes. Showed no signs of distress, was still lying on side in the salt bath tank and looked relatively calm. After 10 minutes I decided to return him to his 145L tank, unfortunately he had other ideas and jumped on the floor. I got him back to his tank within about 8 seconds of him hitting the floor (not from very high, the tanks are on the floor) and I assumed this would result in the worst. (I've ordered a bigger net.)

Very surprisingly he is now swimming round his 145L tank 75% normal, still swimming on a bit of a tilt, but nowhere near as bad as he has been since he became ill. I am not going to give him another salt bath until tomorrow when the bigger net comes but it looks really positive in terms of he isnt just lying on the bottom of the tank anymore, he's able to navigate the water a lot better (you can tell theres still buoyancy issue a little) but its greatly improved. I will update the progress on the salt bath results once I do the next one. Could 10 mins in an epsom bath and a flap around the living room floor really have done this? It's crazy! :)

One thing I wanted to ask - Terror has had their first run of eSHA2000 treatment over 3 days. I am wondering if its ok to repeat that or not? Something that as yet shows no sign of improvement is his missing scale patches are not getting better - any ideas on that?

I tried to take an update pic, but because my 145L tank does not have clear sides its difficult to get more than a blurred picture.

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Cardinal tetra bloated? #35
One of my cardinal tetras has become extremely bloated. Or is she full of eggs? The others are fine. She’s always had a larger belly but seems very big the last two days.

40 litre tank
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10.

Fed on hikari micro granules. Frozen daphnia, cyclops and artemia. Sometimes flake. Once or twice a day. Small amount. But hands up I prob over feed.

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  • Posted on: 10/7 16:06
Can anyone id this fish please? #36
Hi does anyone know what sort of fish this is?

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  • Posted on: 10/7 8:32
Re: CARBON in the aquarium #37
Thanks for sharing this post.Helpful.

fcmf fcmf
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  • Posted on: 9/7 20:14
Re: Brown Algae #38
That does look like brown algae. Nerite snails are lovely and your number are the same as I have proportionately for the tank size. It's really difficult to comment on how good a job they will do at cleaning it - but generally the tank doesn't have much algae (maybe due to them controlling it) and it comes down to the individual snails. One of mine prefers to work diligently away on the tank's walls/surfaces but that's not to say that they're completely algae-free - sometimes a seemingly clean part is gone over and over, sometimes patches of algae are left and not ventured towards, and often there's patterning/footprint marks of where the snail has been. The other snail tends to work diligently away on the wood and rarely is on the tank's walls/surfaces. Sometimes they'll go onto the silk plants' leaves to clean those but only those that support their weight - I have to give the plants' leaves a scrub with a toothbrush weekly and sometimes use a sponge to give the front wall/surface of the tank an extra wipe to eliminate any residual algae. I enjoy having snails for admiring their beautiful patterning and watching their antics (e.g. hanging off a leaf) more than I do for their algae-eating abilities. In a nutshell, they will help but don't expect the result to be transformative like adverts for cleaning products!

fcmf fcmf
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  • Posted on: 9/7 19:55
Re: White bump... #39
Very sorry to read about Shadow.

It is indeed invaluable to have found a vet like that - and so good that all the staff treated you/him with dignity and were caring. [I had a horrible experience many years ago when I called for a vet - can still remember his scathing attitude and words - but thankfully found another who was willing/happy to help and caring as well.]

What a loving and fitting place to bury him. RIP Shadow.

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Brown Algae #40
Can someone tell me if this is brown algae? (See pic). It's developed since upgrading my lighting to one of these off ebay. ... 61975837?var=424387119422
It's on everything!!
I've introduced some Zebra Nerite snails after taking advice from elsewhere. I've put 4 in a 110 ltr tank. Are they as good as people say at controlling algae? And how long does it take them to get it under control? If indeed they can.

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