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  • Posted on: 24/4/2004 20:01
Re: Bite Sized Help Plz #261651
The Tetra test strips are easy to use just dip into the tank and compare the colours to the chart on the tub, for ammonia I use Nutrafin which does 70 tests for around £5.99 its fairly easy to use, in the pack You get a test tube, a pipette and a bottle of reagent, you use the pipette to take a sample of the tank water to put into the test tube add 6 drops of the reagent and shake, then compare the colour to the chart and you can see if there is any ammonia present or not, but there are others to chose from. You can get a test case with all the tests in it for around £19.99 I will look out for it and get back to you.

AllSushi2Me AllSushi2Me
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  • Posted on: 24/4/2004 19:29
Re: Bite Sized Help Plz #261652
Hi Goldy Thx very much for all your help so far

I haven't managed to check the water as yet from the tap as i am waiting for my tetra 5in1 strips to arrive mail order . You did mention before that these would be fine for testing the water before i add my fish but you also mentioned that i would need a separate ammonia test ... is there a specific one that you could recommend for me just so i can get everything as perfect as possible for the new lodgers when i get them

Cheers again ; )_

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  • Posted on: 24/4/2004 18:33
Re: Bite Sized Help Plz #261653
Hi have you managed to check your water hardness yet, if so what was the result.

diydemon diydemon
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  • Posted on: 23/4/2004 18:42
Re: I think I'm killing my fish - HELP!!!!!!!!! #261654
Thanks for that - will do!

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  • Posted on: 22/4/2004 13:55
Re: Bite Sized Help Plz #261655
What hardness is your water as goldfish do ok from 6-16, I wouldn't think you need to use a filter. The safe guard will be fine to add as it is a water conditioner which you should always use before adding any water to your tank, as for the test kits the strips are easy to use and do Ph, Gh, Kh, nitrite, and nitrate, you will need a seperate one for ammonia.
They say allow at least 8 uk gallons per goldfish to allow for growth, so unless you plan on getting a larger tank as they grow do not overstock in the beginning, I would say the 2 carp that will be going into the pond and maybe 2 regular goldfish/comets or shubunkins will be plenty as long as they are only small to start with or you will run into trouble keeping the water conditions right.
Fancy goldfish do better kept together with their own type because regular male goldfish can mistake the round bodies of the fancys for females and harras them at breeding time I know this from experience.

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  • Posted on: 22/4/2004 13:16
Re: my fish are dying why ? #261656
I would think the reason they died was because of the inital overload, too much fish waste for the filter to handle at once, so the fish were getting poisoned, and since some have died that will have reduced the amount of waste so the filter could work properly, plus with the regular part water changes you will have diluted the ammonia and nitrite and by doing this you made the water better for the remaining fish, keep up with the water changes and testing and hopefully you can save the remaining fish, as for the bully or male if you think he is adding to the deaths then you can take him back to the shop.

eddie eddie
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  • Posted on: 22/4/2004 12:48
Re: my fish are dying why ? #261657
the chaser is red and it looks like he is chasing a female and she is the one whos been beaten up.dont no if u no but would they all die quickly if the water was bad say within a couple of weeks or do u think they will stop dying when the tank gets over the shock of so many fish being introduced

lseaton lseaton
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  • Posted on: 22/4/2004 10:47
Re: New goldfish owner - fin discolouration - help!!! #261658

diydemon wrote:
the guy in the petshop thought I was worrying too much..., and said if the fish started showing signs of distress I only need worry then.


I am new to keeping Goldfish to.

I learned that by the time the fish are showing signs of distress, it is usually too late.

I had a large Lionhead Goldfish in my un-completely cycled tank, it started to turn black on it's belly but seemed ok in itself. As soon as it started to not behave as usual it was too late for him and he unfortunatley died within hours.

Finding this forum was the best thing for me! Goldy has helped me loads to sort out the water chemistry for my tank :) thanks Goldy!

I didn't know it was quite so complicated to keep the Goldfish - mine are also the £1.25 kind!

They all seem very happy now-fins are stretched out and they all go to sleep together under a bridge i made out of rocks which is very comical to see (will post a pic when i have a good one of them)
Original Image

AllSushi2Me AllSushi2Me
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  • Posted on: 22/4/2004 1:05
Bite Sized Help Plz #261659
I am in the process of starting the below set up and everything is ready to go in the tank (no water at the moment) . I have a few questions and concerns that I would like answered if possible as I want everything to be lubbly for my new arrivals (when they get here) . I have read a bit regarding the water cycling process etc but before I get that far would like to know the best procedure for filling my tank as I have very “hard” water from my taps . Is it worth me running the tap water through a “Jug water filter” before I fill my tank ?

Also I have a bottle of “King British” “Safe Guard” water treatment and need to know if this is suitable to add to the water when I fill the tank (if im correct I think the tank is approx 14 gallons / for treatment amount purposes) and also is there anything else I need to add to the water ?

I will be getting a tetra 5 in 1 test kit shortly (dipping a big toe just don’t seem to do the job these days) so that I can test the water before adding any fish . Is this kit suitable and will it test everything I need to test ?

I have many more questions to ask but will just keep it to these few for now as im terrible at reading/remembering information and bite size chunks seem the register with me ; )_ Lets fill it up first and move on from there ; )_

Coldwater Set-Up

Light-Glo 24” x 12” x 15” (Canopy and Light)
Fluval 2 Internal Filter
Air Pump and 2 x Small Air Stones
2” / 3” Deep Natural Aquarium Gravel
3 Small Plastic “Grass Like” Plants

To Add
Couple of Small Rocks
Live Plant (Open To Suggestions)

Hoping To Stock (Open To Suggestions)

2 x TeenyWeeny Mirror Carp (Move To Pond When Larger)
2 x Goldies of some sort
2 x Fancys’ (Open To Suggestions)

If any more info is required to answer any of the questions I’ve asked jus lemme know ; )_

Cheers AllSushi2Me

Goldy Goldy
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  • Posted on: 21/4/2004 21:27
Re: I think I'm killing my fish - HELP!!!!!!!!! #261660
It will be fine to put an internal filter in now, as long as the fish are eating and swimming about happily, you don't overfeed (especially while the tank is cycling) and you do regular water changes, then I think they should weather the storm as they say if you have any worries then just say no matter how daft you think it may sound

ps. keep us updated