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Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 21/9/2019 20:45
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #21
Brilliant thank you.

Could we do all of that but just run both filters for a few weeks? Not that it makes much difference in terms of time, effort or pfaff, I'm just interested.

Also, around moving the fish, is netting ok or do we need to coax them into a jug and move them that way. I have never netted or moved a fish in my life and I'm a little terrified lol.

We will change the water over to 'part' RO gradually, hubby has the mathematical stuff figured already to do a gradual change based on the tap and RO water readings. In terms of ideal KH for the loaches I'm not yet sure but shall research so we can get it as perfect as possible for them.

The loaches are Winston, Dave and Margaret. Pretty sure Margaret is actually a Malcolm but in this new world of gender fluidity we are happy to go with her wish to be a lady.........hehe!

The minnows are 'The Minions'.

Loving it!

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 21/9/2019 18:56
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #22
Another update!

The RO unit arrived today, hubby installing it tomorrow. Since reading up on hard water and the RO process I'm actually quite pleased we came upon this. Better drinking water for us and the other animals which is a bonus! So thank you!

As is usually the case when married to a tradesman, I didn't have the confidence that he would get around to removing the old chimney breast in time to fit a 5ft tank for the loaches to grow healthily. So tomorrow we also take delivery of a second hand Juwel 240 litre tank, 120cm wide, so I can rest easy and patiently wait for the 5 footer. We have had to move the living room around to fit it in but it's all going to work really well, out of direct sunlight and right in our eyeline from the sofa so we can enjoy watching it.

The new tank is coming with a UFX filter, bigger than our current one too. So I can hopefully get it cycling asap.

My questions now are around making the move. How do we do it!

In what order do I need to be doing things? Ive ordered more aquatic sand as frankly moving the sand from the original aquarium fills me with dread, so that's sorted. But what do I do next? I want to keep all the plants, bog wood and rocks, just move them over. Possibly add some extra bog wood to grow java moss on, tentative steps into aquascaping.

I've read that I could potentially transfer the old filter media to the new filter and effectively have a ready cycled tank almost immediately, is this possible?

Actually I have too many questions so I shall just await your advice once again, with much appreciation and gratitude.........

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 15/9/2019 17:53
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #23
The tank model and size is the very same! I shall now try and condense the last few days into one post.

We are going with RO to enable us to keep the loaches, and also a larger aquarium.

Interestingly, after contacting a couple of local aquatic centres we have been advised the WL's can 'tolerate' up to 20dh BUT I'd like to at least lower it from the current 16 to fit better with the advice you supplied.

To fit the larger tank in an ideal position away from excessive sunlight and radiators, we need to remove an old chimney breast. Happily OH is a plumber/builder so this isn't a biggy but it will take time.

He can also install an RO unit under the kitchen sink branching from the domestic cold water inlet, to make things a little easier.

Sooooooo, the purchase of the RO unit is imminent - just need to do a little more research on the best units. Time and effort to maintain this method are not issues.

Finally - considering the current size of the WL's, how much time do we realistically have before the size of the tank becomes detrimental to their health and well being? Do we have weeks or months, or even years?

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 13/9/2019 18:49
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #24
Oh that's a blow on the Weather Loaches, we have already become quite fond of them in this short space of time!

Is there anything we can do to soften the water perhaps?

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 13/9/2019 17:34
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #25
Hi again and thank you for your replies!

So here goes with the water hardness for our postcode:

Calcium carbonate 284 mg/l
Calcium 113.6 mg/l
Degrees Clark 19.766c
Degrees French 28.4f
Degrees German 16.131 dH
millimoles 2.84 mol/l

Could you advise on a good test kit to buy? I have had a look online and the choice is baffling.

Also, we would perhaps like to add stock in the future but I have read Weather Loaches grow quite large and I have some concern over whether this tank is big enough for three adults plus other fish?

We are have started with the 10% water changes daily and will continue until we feel comfortable with the test results and in line with what you mentioned about stress hormones etc.

I have also fed them a little extra today and every scrap has gone! Aside from the daphnia etc that I already have, can you recommend a quality feed for the whole crew? No offence to Wilko but I'm not confident the flakes are the best quality.

Thanks in advance!

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 12/9/2019 19:46
Re: Accidental tank acquisition #26
What I forgot to say is - water PH is 7.2. We used tap Safe that we keep for topping up the pond over summer, hardness is within what the Tetra strips says is acceptable.

All fish appear healthy apart from one Loach who has a damaged dorsal fin (the one on its back, is that right?) which seems to be already healed, but at an angle.

They came with Wilko tropical fish flakes but we now have freeze dried brine shrimp, daphnia and sinking spirulina wafers. Only feeding a pinch a day and they go mad for this in two minutes flat - is that enough?

Temp is 19c in the morning but rises to 21c by evening, lights and bubble strip on 10 hours. Filter on 24hrs.

I seriously must have spent over 30 hours reading stuff online since these guys arrived, it's a good job I'm on a weeks leave!

Candle321 Candle321
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  • Not too shy to talk
  • Posted on: 12/9/2019 19:30
Accidental tank acquisition #27

New to the forum, so hello! Total newbies to fish keeping, apart from a couple of inherited goldfish in the pond who we never feed and must be 7 years old at the very least!

Four days ago, by strange means constituting a long story, we found out our neighbours were moving and didn't want to take their fish tank, so planned on leaving it behind, with fish actually in it! So we offered to take it, no questions asked.

We now have an Aqua Marine 900 with four bulbs in working order, whether the UV is effective who knows. Online reasearch has told me this is around the 225 - 250 litre mark, yet to take actual measurements as I can't find my darn tape measure.

It has a UFX + filter, which seems to be working i.e. It is moving water in and out!

Finally it had a water heater fixed to 25c. We did some quick panic initial research and removed this.

The tank inhabitants are three weather loaches, juveniles I think, 4", 3" and 3.5" roughly. Plus six tiny White Cloud Mountain Minnows - new additions? They must only be an inch each, average.

We have made a series of mistakes in the last four days, which I shall now fess up to. After reading up on weather loaches we changed the nasty sharp gravel substrate to aquatic sand, took out the plastic plants and ornaments and replaced with live plants, smooth bog wood and smooth river cobbles.

After more reading I bought some water test strips, realising we had possibly removed a large chunk of the bacteria. Oops.

We had effectively done a 75% water change the day we moved the tank (to reduce the weight, fish still in it, then another 50% water change when we changed the substrate.

I am really embarrassed by some aspects of this as I'm normally really conscientious with the care of our animals; but it felt like a sudden and flustered situation.

Anyway, four days later, we have zero ammonia, zero nitrites and nitrates which on the Tetra strips indicate a water change is needed, in the lower range of the two options, changed 25% this morning and tonight it still reads the same.

Seachem Stability and Prime on order, due to arrive over the weekend.

We had never, ever considered keeping fish, we are animal lovers and the cats certainly like their new television lol

But as total newbies to this I'd appreciate any advice on the set up, how we can best care for these little souls and I guess begin a whole new hobby!

Many thanks

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