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JessFishKeeper JessFishKeeper
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 22/5 22:30
Re: Goldfish Fry #21
Oh wow thanks for letting me know...!
I did think it was odd that I wasn’t asked any questions before I got him... they just said as long as the water wasn’t ‘too cold’ that he’d be ok🤷🏼‍♀️
Will do some research and let you know that I decide to do
Thanks again☺️

merpig merpig
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  • Posted on: 22/5 21:38
Re: Weird string of unrelated issues? Help with goldfish treatment #22
So unfortunately my partner was not super thrilled about the 90l bucket on our living room floor when the fish inside had completed treatment, and against better judgment (and advice!) I replaced the two that have undergone treatment back in the tank (having drip acclimated just in case) on 18/05.

Initially I was thrilled that the treated oranda and ranchu were extremely active and displaying none of the symptoms that led me to treat in the first place, bar a tiny amount of fungus on the ranchu's mouth which has not changed for months (teeny tiny, doesn't impede eating, just won't shift no matter what). So I was pretty satisfied.

This continued for approx 2 clear days after which all the behaviours - lethargy and heavy breathing for the ranchu, bottom sitting for the oranda - reappeared, along with worsening of the ryukin's swim bladder issue which is still relatively mild and could be a coincidence of course. All the symptoms are less prevalent than before I treated but escalating quickly to the point today both of the two treated fish have spent almost all day on the bottom (still excited by anyone approaching the tank etc).

As suggested, I have carefully monitored my levels since they were reintroduced and they have not spiked at all - ammonia and nitrite have held steady at 0, nitrate sits somewhere between 10 and 20ppm and a water change is due tomorrow.

To me, this suggests that whatever the issue is, it is present in the tank, the kanaplex is somewhat effective against it, but there has been reinfection. Would you agree? Perhaps the reintroduction of the fish and the associated increase in hormones in the water has stressed the ryukin, accounting for the flare up in swim bladder...

So my current strategy is that the oranda and the ranchu go back in the tub for another round of treatment. Would doing a back to back double round (so 14 days) treatment be likely to adversely affect their kidneys at this stage? And then my plan was to leave them in the tub for at least 7 days after conclusion of the treatment as you originally suggested. Then perhaps to add one back to the tank, and if that goes smoothly, add the other say a week later?

I do still have the metroplex as an additional antibiotic treatment to try, although it is still yet to be delivered.

Hopefully this makes sense and sounds sensible?

Oldgreg Oldgreg
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  • Posted on: 22/5 19:08
Aggressive breeding severums #23

I’ve just joined so hello to all, I hope you are all doing well.
I have a Rio 350 with 4 red neck/shoulder severums (3 male, 1 female) and one remaining blue accara (female) left from 4.
The fish were all purchased together and are now just over 2 years old.
2 of the severums have started breeding and have become very aggressive and are harassing the other fish. I cannot separate the breeding pair as I don’t have the space for another tank. Should I consider trying to re-home the female to calm things down or will the 3 males still fight for dominance . I really love all of the fish and would rather not see any go but just want to do what’s best for them.

Sorry for the long post.

Thanks in advance 🙏

Ps. Not sure why the photos upside down? Sorry for the neck aches

Attach file:

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fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: 22/5 13:24
Re: Complicated? #24
Sorry to read about this horrible situation.

I think, for the foreseeable future, ensuring that water quality is kept good (ammonia and nitrite at 0, nitrates at no more than 20 above tap water level) is key. I wouldn't treat with further medication but instead focus on consistent water quality alone. The addition of the air stone was a good plan too. Best of luck that this helps the tank to settle down.

I notice you have a mix of hard water (guppies) and soft water (neon tetras) fish - one or the other may not fare as well generally (unless you've somehow customised the RO to be appropriate for the requirements of all fish*) and it might be that the medication sent them over the edge.
* will tell you the hardness/softness requirements for each species.

fcmf fcmf
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: 22/5 13:15
Re: Help bit of an emergency #25
Also, a tank size suited to the requirements of the fish you have would help to ensure ammonia and nitrite remain at 0, and nitrates at 20 or no more than 20 above tap water nitrate levels.

Post a photo here of your fish and we can confirm their species, then check against to ensure the tank size meets their requirements.

Hope that helps. :)

alexalcock alexalcock
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 22/5 11:26
Re: Help bit of an emergency #26
Thank you fish lady at the moment I’m doing 50% changes twice a day or when I notice ammonia on the stick.

I can see uneaten food at the bottom of the tank that I’m desperately trying to get with the syphon but not having huge luck. They seem a tiny bit brighter today over yesterday but still gasping for air.

Coffee most defiantly owed.

Fishlady Fishlady
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: 22/5 10:31
Re: Help bit of an emergency #27
The best chance of recovery is plenty of water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite as close to 0 as possible until the filter is cycled.

alexalcock alexalcock
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 22/5 9:01
Re: Help bit of an emergency #28
Thank you so much I’m pretty much doing all that now.

Lastly do you know of any products that will help the fish recover from this?

Fishlady Fishlady
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: 22/5 6:52
Re: Goldfish Fry #29
I would take the plec back asap - they are tropical and shouldn't be in cold water tanks. They can also sometimes get a taste for the slime coat of goldfish and latch on damaging them, and will grow to at least 15 inches and maybe up to 2 feet long, needing a minimum of a 6ft x 2ft x 2ft tank.

Fishlady Fishlady
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: 22/5 6:50
Re: Help bit of an emergency #30
Have a look at this article which is all about dealing with ammonia and nitrite spikes: ... ammonia-nitrite-spike.htm

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