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EmmaG EmmaG
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  • Posted on: 19/10/2010 19:53
Re: Advice setting up my first tank.... #191
Hi Jaguar and Fishy-fishy,

Thanks for the advice, really excellent article about the fishless cycling, I'm so glad i found this site - the advice i was hearing at the various aquatics centres just never added up, the fish they recommended and the length of time it would take to cycle a take etc - sadly they all just seem to want to sell thier stock with scant regard for the fact thier "stock" are living things! The article really made so much sense.

I come across rainbow fish after I posted here actually and they sounded like a possibility so I'm glad you think so too, they really look like interesting fish too.

I'll have a bit more of a think about altering the pH...maybe it is something I should consider. I would be quite happy with a single species tank I think but husbands quite keen on the idea of a couple of types of fish.

I don't think I will go for goldfish though, not simply because of the size they will grow, but also because I understand they are really quite messy fish.

Thanks very much again for the advice, can't wait to get the tank now!


EmmaG EmmaG
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  • Home away from home
  • Posted on: 19/10/2010 18:02
Advice setting up my first tank.... #192
Hi everyone,

I am after some advice on setting up my first freshwater tropical tank.

I've decided on a 200 litre 100cm tank. Water hardness in my area is 19.25 English degree of hardness, grain CaCO3/gal(UK) and pH of the tapwater is around 7.4 - I have not yet done a pH test on water after 24 hour standing, I know this will change but I presume not massively.

So I am trying to decide on some fish for my tank. I don't want anything too big - I would prefer to have smaller fish so they have more room to swim - and I don't care what colours they are, I just want to have healthy, peaceful little fish that like thier new home.

I've also decided I don't want live-bearers as I don't want to breed fish and certainly don't want a tank full of babies that I have to find homes for.

As I am so new to this it would be nice to have easier to care for fish, not because I am not commited, but because I am bound to make mistakes and would prefer that I make mistakes with hardier fish who can cope better if I do make a husbandry error, rather than slaughter a shoal of delicate little tetras. Oh I really like the idea of a nice little shoal of tetras, but from what I've read even the tougher, easier to care for tetras prefer softer more acidic water than I have and I think as a beginner it would be best to remove the obstacle of altering pH as well as contending with everything else.

SO, I think I am dragging the husband out on the weekend to visit our final aquatic centre and then we will be ordering a tank. Hopefully I will be able to get it all up and running and get some plants in (if anyone has any suggestions and advice on suitable plants depending on fish this would also be greatly welcomed - the planting is a whole other topic I have yet to read about!) and then I can cycle the tank for a week or so once they are in ready for my carefully selected fish.

I hope I am thinking along the right lines and would be very very appreciative of any advice you can offer me, mostly with what fish would do well in the type of water we have here.

thanks very much!


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