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dart56 dart56
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  • Home away from home
  • Posted on: Today 12:23
Planted Tank / Carbon Media #11

I have just Converted a mature 190L cold water corner tank into a tropical community tank, i am looking to create a reasonably heavy planted aquarium and i have prepped natural bogwood and mopani wood to go in. From experience in the past no matter how long i have soaked and rinsed the woods i have still ended up with slightly tinted water which i know is totally harmless.

Now i want to be able to keep the water crystal clear with no Tannins but i have read a few articles suggesting Carbon media is not a good media for planted tanks as it absorbs many beneficial elements which plants need.

Does anybody know any other ways to remove tannins without possibly impacting the plants?

I was thinking maybe if i put a lot of filter wool in there and regularly clean it through this could help?

Any suggestions welcome, Thanks

Ever_Clueless Ever_Clueless
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Today 9:07
Goldfish: sizing, company and types #12

I'm new to the forum (I'm Nic, hi!) and I was hoping to get some help by asking questions that I've seen answers to but not sure I've understood! So I will sound daft but I'd rather that than guess.

I have been thinking either goldfish or a single betta - the reason I'm undecided if I'm honest with myself is because I keep seeing so much conflicting/unclear info on goldfish it's making my head hurt. Even seen a website determined to basically say a goldfish is happy in a tiny tank, that all fancies are beginner friendly and some aren't due to poor sight/fragility of their bubble-eyes etc. It gets overwhelming pretty fast. So I want to ask some questions from experienced people and find out if golfish are right for me.

Sizing: I had initially read that 150l would be a good amount for 2, but read on this site that 140l was recommended for the first fish and an additional 45l for each additional fancy. Quite the difference - I just wanted to check I had read right and it's not some bleary eyed, coffee-deprived misread. That's fine by me if that is what suits just I've also read that too big a tank can stress some species out as much as being too small, which slightly baffles me but I will accept.

On that Note: I feel so daft - if too large an area to swim in can stress fish out, is it considered alright to pop a goldfish into a 150l tank when they are far from mature size or would it be better to start with, iunno say 75/100 litres and as they get so large, transfer them?

As Adults: I am about to show how novice I am in spades - I don't have any pond so common goldfish I think are out, really. But I assume that part of fancy fish breeds existing is that they are designed to be indoor-friendly throughout their entire adult life and not needing to be in a pond in order to truly meet their needs? This is something I really would like to know as if fancies (or any specific type of fancy) would need a pond then I think I will have to concede that they aren't the fish for me.

Company: there are a lot on single goldfish but they seem happy in a community as well as some sources say they are shoaling seen some that say they aren't ( ). Basically would 2+ be better than 1. I think this is where I get my dream tank of goldfish being 3, I like the ideal of an odd number of fish....why I don't know.

Sorry that was so long. I don't have a tank yet and I've temporarily ceased reading more online because it's literally conflicting sources I keep finding. So really, I had thought an initial outlay for a 150l is reasonable (and hopefully bit easier to manage and get to grips with than a smaller one), so while I would like to eventually add another fish or two, likely that would be much later on down the line with a new tank.

Thank you

fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 17:10
Re: Pond Insects #13
This might help - another member linked to this previously:

fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 17:08
Re: stocking ideas for a 40 gallon tank (uk gallons) #14
Hi, and well done on rescuing the fish.
If you were happy to have another tank such as a 54L/60L tank with a 60cm x 30cm footprint, then you could move the minnows into that and add some to their shoal.
The 180L/40UKgallon tank could house the 2 fancies (although the minnows would be ok in there while the fancy goldfish are still young).

Fishlady Fishlady
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  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: Yesterday 15:41
Re: stocking ideas for a 40 gallon tank (uk gallons) #15
I would add another fancy for company and leave the minnows as they are. Minnows shouldn't really be kept with goldfish as adult goldfish will eat them.

LotteH LotteH
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 12:27
stocking ideas for a 40 gallon tank (uk gallons) #16
hi everyone ! i’ve currently got the juwel rio 180 which is a 40 gallon tank. in it i have one fancy gold fish and four minnows. i rescued these from a family members tiny 15litre tank and have been informing myself on fish keeping ever since. i understand my fancy goldfish could use another to keep him company and my minnows need more as they are schooling fish. could anyone help with how many i should and of what fish? i’d like to keep to hardier fish that can withstand a bit more as i am a beginner but obviously owning a fancy i am bro afraid to put in the work with water changes etc ! i’m interested as to what combinations people would consider? or if they would stick to just minnows and another fancy ?
thanks a bunch !

A03991 A03991
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 2/6 11:56
Pond Insects #17
Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me. I recently set up a pond and its being colonised by a few insects. One in particular I can't find any information on. Its small, about the size of the mosquito larvae and when it's not resting on the surface it continuously spins through the water. Does anyone have any idea what they are? Thank you.

Fishyfishfish Fishyfishfish
  • Just can't stay away
  • Just can't stay away
  • Posted on: 2/6 11:30
Re: Losing platy one at a time and more frequently #18
It was a tough decision but in the end I judged it on whether I expected her to recover, and if so, would it be a full recovery. What concerned me most is her spine towards the back seemed to deform more as time went on so it seemed like there was only one choice in the end.

I’m keeping the sand because I haven’t got any more substrate if I bin it so hopefully the bleach is working on the sand too. Once that’s done I’ll follow the rest of your advice and overdose with Prime to remove any traces of bleach.


Fishlady Fishlady
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Tropical Moderator
  • Posted on: 2/6 8:36
Re: Bugs in my tank! Advice needed #19
Planaria by the look of them. You may be overfeeding and that's allowed their population to grow so cut back a little, and do a thorough gravel vacuuming. Just a note - your nitrate should not be 0 if the tank is fully cycled, also you are using tets strips which aren't very accurate and more importantly don't test for ammonia which is a vital result to have. I suggest upgrading to a decent liquid-based master test kit such as the one made by API.

coconut_shy coconut_shy
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: 2/6 6:40
Bugs in my tank! Advice needed #20
I'm relatively new to fishkeeping. I noticed these bugs in my tank. Any idea what they might be?

Seed shrimp? Seems like a lot and worried they might harm my fish (9 Albino Glowlight Tetras)

I don't have a problem with my water parameters- always ok I think, 30% change weekly.

Fluval Edge 2.0 54l
NO3 (0)
NO2 (0)
GH (less than 3)
KH (6)
PH (7.2)
Chlorine (0)
CO2 (15)
28degrees C

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