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lionheart79 lionheart79
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 23:08
Re: Blue-Green Algae (Cyanobacteria - please help #1
Unfortunately PureBlue DIDN'T work for me.
I will try another blackout, then maybe the Ultra Reef product. And after that if it still comes back, I'll be done with fish keeping!

fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 22:59
Re: Tank crash help!! #2
A few thoughts/musings:
* PH seems on the low side, and lower pre- water change [2 issues/possibilities here: test strips inaccurate - my PH is the same as yours but test strips always give a similar reading to yours, whereas liquid tests give the same reading as water supplier; if KH and water hardness were much lower, that might account for PH dropping over the course of the week pre- water change; on balance, given your KH and water hardness, more likely that test strips are inaccurate];
* KH and GH, but more importantly your water supplier's water hardness result [2 issues/possibilities here: test strips inaccurate; no difference pre- and post- water change suggest that water-correction gravel not doing anything (*if* the test strips are accurate but unknown without more accurate liquid-based ones - my test strips don't give accurate readings for water hardness) BUT unsure why you were advised to use this as water hardness is not low, although possibly if KH had dropped vastly in the past when tank neglected];

* monitor ammonia, nitrite and nitrate during week - nitrite and nitrate should always be at 0, and nitrates no more than 20 above tap water nitrate levels (worth measuring that to find out), therefore do an extra water change as soon as levels start to rise above those;
* either do more frequent or larger water changes - safe/better to do up to 50% 1-2x per week (or even more frequently if need be).

I haven't cross-checked all your fish against water hardness requirement range but, as your water doesn't seem to be *too* hard (cf previous comment though re KH/GH test strip results), wouldn't think this is the problem. Also haven't checked stocking levels but it's *possible* these were too high for size of tank. Will try to get back to you tomorrow on these aspects.

Viney1503 Viney1503
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  • Posted on: Yesterday 17:47
Reinstalling a pond #3
hi all!!! 😀

So my husband and I have moved into our house and found an old pond that had been filled with rubble....we have emptied it and got to the bottom. However we have found roots that have come through the liner. I have a picture of the larges. What is the best thing to do?

We have experience of tropical fish but this is our first adventure to outdoor fish.

Any help will be great.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Rachel539 Rachel539
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 16:27
Re: Tank crash help!! #4
Yes of course sorry.
I did my water change today so here are the readings:

Before water change:
ph 6.4
kh 180
gh 250
nitrate 50
nitrite 0.5
amonia 0

After water change.
ph: 6.8
gh mg/l 250
nitrate 50
nitrie 0
(test strip in pic to be sure)
amonia 0

I am in the uk, my water is:
Hardness Level Moderately Hard
Hardness Clark 11.79
Hardness French 16.85
Hardness German 9.43
ph 7.5

The gravel I use as my substrate is called aqua substrate.
The gravel used to correct the water levels: unknown brand.

Thank you for your help

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fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 14:46
Re: Tank crash help!! #5
In order to help us to help you better, can you tell us what your PH and water hardness is:
* according to your water/utility supplier's website? [If you live in the UK, input your postcode and find out the PH, CaCO3 and German degrees hardness levels];
* what your PH, KH and GH levels are from your tank immediately pre- weekly water change and immediately post- weekly water change.

What is the brand/name of the gravel specifically?

What are your ammonia, nitrite and nitrates readings immediately pre- weekly water changes?


fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 14:39
Re: Quite a few of my fish keep! #6
How did you cycle your tank and how long did it take? The 0 reading for ammonia and nitrite is good, but the 0 reading for nitrates makes me wonder if your tank isn't properly cycled; what is your tap water reading for nitrates?

fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 14:36
Re: Hello from Scotland #7

What size of tank have you got / are you planning to get? If you haven't got it already, opt for the biggest you can fit in / afford, to avoid later regrets.

If you've not kept fish before, or haven't for a long time, then this section may be helpful as well as this ... hless-cycling-article.htm

Any thoughts on proposed fish? We can help with advice on that once we know what size of tank you have.

Rachel539 Rachel539
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  • Just popping in
  • Posted on: Yesterday 14:33
Tank crash help!! #8
My tank crashed about a year ago. It all started when we suffered a family tradgedy and the tank got neglected. I was lucky if I managed to change the water once a month! it was not good. I didn't realise being a relatively inexperienced fish keeper the damage this would do to my fish.

87 litre tank
current stock:
2 pencil fish,
6 rummy nose tetras,
4 neons
6 harlequins (bought 5 months ago, got bad advice and should not have bought them, don't go there anymore)
9 amano shrimp
4 snails

I have lost:
3 appistos (none left)
8 neons
4 pencil fish
2 snails
2 guramis

The tank amonia, nitrates and nitrites where surprisingly not the problem. MLFS expert tested my water and explained that my tank water had had a mineral crash. I think it was something to do with calcium and ph. Any way he sold me some inexpensive white gravel and some medication to save my tank.

The frequent water changes and gravel has calmed all my water parameters which is good but six months on but I am still losing fish. I have lost over half my stock already including my appistos, guramis and most of my neon tetras and pencil fish. My amano shrimp have been fine. I did 2 doses of omnipor as reconemded by MLFS.

The fish are still dying though and of different causes! My gurami swelled up and looked prickly but my pencil fish went thin and wasted away. All 6 rummy nose teras have cloudy eyes and one has a massive pop eye! My apistos seemed to have no sign of illness or distress when I found them. Some of my fish are still just disappearing. Some are sick, my pencil fish is a funny shape and colourless. I don't know how to treat the tank as it looks like multiple problems. Many of my neon tetras swelled up huge before they died. I wasn't able to always retreave the dead fish as the shrimp ate them before I saw them!

I have been sticking religiously to 20% weekly water changes for the last 8 months and have had no amonia, nitrate or nitrite spikes. Please help. I don't know what to do and MLFS is now closed. :(


P.S, sorry for the long post.

fcmf fcmf
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  • Coldwater Adviser
  • Posted on: Yesterday 14:33
Re: Inherited fantail poorly and in need of a bigger tank #9
A few points worth bearing in mind:
* re time/energy: the larger the tank, the less time-consuming they are to keep - water quality is less likely to fluctuate and weekly rather than daily water changes usually suffice;
* re £: it's possible to get second-hand tanks via,, freegle/freecycle for considerably cheaper than from new or indeed free-of-charge, and new tanks on sale via LFSs;
* rehoming is definitely something worth considering (esp as you mention lack of time/energy) - aquarist-classifieds likely the best option for finding a suitable/responsible fishkeeper - but might take some time to identify, and not something that's going to be feasible during the current pandemic's lockdown, so best to have your own measure in place in the intervening months (eg via a Really Useful Box or larger tank as previously described).

Hope that helps.

GoldieSam GoldieSam
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  • Posted on: Yesterday 13:16
Re: Inherited fantail poorly and in need of a bigger tank #10
Am I going to have to re-home him?

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