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Re: How to choose and look after a goldfish

Subject: Re: How to choose and look after a goldfish
by ladyamelia on 26/10/2013 20:10:45

I agree with the above comment. As I tried to explain to my boyfriend when I told him we'll only be able to have 3 or 4 gold fish in our tank and he said "but its massive and theyre so small" its not how big they are now its how big theyre going to be in 2 years time that you have to think about. I was looking at a 120 litre tank in a shop and the assistant told me I could keep 6 fully grow gold fish in it, which obviously you cant. Why do they tell you these things in the fish shops? Even in the good ones theyll sell someone a small 20 or 30 litre tank and then sell them 3 fish to go with it not telling them that in about 6 months the fish will need a much bigger tank. Its really bad you go to these places thinking they will offer the best advice and they just dont.

I have now gone for a 190 litre tank am going to put 4 fish in it to begin with but I am fully aware that in about a year to 18 months time we will have to either get another tank bigger tank for all of them or split them between two tanks